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Should I buy a second body for my Canon 5D classic?


I got this camera a few weeks ago and I fell in love with it. I love everything about it, it's design inspires me to create, the shutter sound is satisfying and makes me want to take photos, the colors of the JPEGs are amazing (I used to shoot RAW now only JPEG). I am worried about it lasting long enough, I bought it second hand and this model does not have a shutter count, he said he estimated it has 70k shutters but the camera cosmetically looks as good as new. Do you think I should invest in a second body? Or I can just wait until this one stops working and get another then?



To be clear, are you considering a second 5D or another model?   There are other, newer and very classic bodies out there, such as the 5DMkIII (which I owned) and has very similar characteristics but improved tech. Other, newer still bodies of similar quality are the 5DMkIV and 5Ds or 5DsR.  All are beautifully crafted cameras, but these are much, much newer and more capable.
I understand the tactile and sensory pleasures of a particular camera body - it is for those reasons the I own 3 Nikon Df bodies.   That said, my Df's are much, much newer than the original 5D, and all have shutter counts less than 10k.
If you are concerned about your current camera's condition,  you may be able to get it assessed, either by Canon or a competent 3rd party so that you have a better idea of it's longevity.

cheers, TREVOR

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I have a NIkon D3 to play with.  It has a control to adjust almost anything.  Too many, I feel.

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