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EOS R10 Trouble uploading pictures to laptop

Hello. I have an EOS R10 and an ASUS Zenbook. I was able to upload my pictures from my camera to my laptop earlier this week. Then yesterday when I went to upload more pictures, and it just wasn't happening. I didn't change any settings on my camera....

JPNunez by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

Canon R5 Focus Area "Roaming"

The focus area on my new R5 is roaming within the viewfinder.  I have set the AF-On button to back button focusing and the asterisk button to tracking.  As an example, I have selected the spot focus area and have placed the spot in the center of the ...

EOS 7D Mark II required manuals

I recently purchased an EOS 7D Mark II from Fort Worth Camera Company in Fort Worth, TX but they did not supply any of the following materials, which I need for proper operation of this camera and use of its abilities:  Basic ManualGPS CautionsQuick ...

EOS Rebel T8i Metering needle not working

I asked this question in the EF and RF lens forum.I thought my problem was specific to a new 18-135mm lens that I recently acquired, but I put on a 55-250 lens and I have the same problem.I have a Canon T8i.The metering needle on my camera seems to h...

stevet1 by Whiz
  • 9 replies

EOS R5 Photo mode using External monitor

Is this feature available on the R5 yet??  In photo mode I plug in a monitor on the HDMI port and it shuts down the ability to use the viewfinder and screen??  please make this a feature if you have not already done so...  if I can now do this please...

Canon R, HDMI, Photo Mode

Canon R, Photo Mode, HDMI out active So, silly me, I kind of need to take photos while doing an HDMI out to a monitor.Sort of a tether but just to a monitor, no image transfer whatsoever. Problem is both the EVF and the backscreen are disabled when H...

MrSP by Contributor
  • 8 replies

7d vs more modern equivalent - iso/noise

I have a 7d mk1 which I often use in low light with that cheap 50mm 1.8 and a 24mm 1.4. It does well, but beyond a certain point i'm of course way up there with noise, mostly processing in black and white to make that noise more acceptable. I am also...

bachi by Apprentice
  • 6 replies

R5 4k, 60fps laggy

hi, ive been shooting 1080p 60fps on my canon r5 for a little while with no trouble and I wanted to upgrade to 4k. I switched it and now all my video is laggy/choppy. Ive tried troubleshooting with a few option like  Turning off IBS but nothing has h...

willhare by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Resolved! Corrupted Image Files on EOSR

Yesterday I photographed the headshots and group photo for a local builder. I had the camera set to RAW on both cards, Dual Pixel RAW on, and Human Eye Detection (which works great!). Two things I noticed...photos ranged in sized from 63 - 99 megabyt...

Resolved! Out of focus when zoom out on Canon R5

I got this problem to my new purchase Canon R5 + EF adapter + EF 24-70mm lens. When take a picture at 24mm it went to infinity and can't focus. I need to move to 35mm range to get focus and take the picture. Anyone has an answer or same problem. It i...

cwucanon by Contributor
  • 8 replies

Resolved! EOS Rebel SL3 Dark Circles on Photos

 Happy Friday! I purchased an SL3 in 2019, but I haven't used it a lot, since I have mostly been home for the last couple of years. I have an issue with random shadow-looking dark rings appearing in my photos. My lenses are compatible with the camera...

355FB06C-6B3D-4729-8747-D7F6CAA26C5B.jpeg DEFCAE76-A28D-4619-8646-4CF20E49B06C.jpeg
Susan588 by Contributor
  • 16 replies
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