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Is the Canon 5DSR still a competitor amongst professional cameras.


Recently purchased a Canon 5DSR for around $930 for future studio use and editorial work. Feeling a tiny bit of buyers remorse as the camera market is obviously dominated by mirrorless and the 5DSR is 8 years old now. I’ve been contemplating on buying a new or used camera for the entire year and when the sale presented I took it. Maybe I should’ve waited a bit longer. My question is should I return it and continue to save up for something future proof or stick it out?



Depending on your intended use, the 5Dsr is a very good camera body.  I also bought when Canon first dramatically dropped the price.  It is not my first choice for action photography.  It is my first choice when I am shooting still subjects from a tripod.

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Agree.  The 5DSr is a capable camera.  My reservation with investing would be with getting support.  The average support lifespan is 10 yrs.  Many EF lenses are also being discontinued and are or will be going out of support. 

If you own a bunch of EF lenses, I'd buy the 5DSr.  If I didn't, I'd buy an R5 and some RF glass.

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The Canon 5DSR is a fantastic camera. Don't let the word "professional" get to you. The 5 Series is technically speaking not Canon professional line of camera bodies. However, I know some guys making a living with one. So is that "professional"? Plus some of them don't use a tripod much of the time!

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I don't do studio work, or normally use a tripod. I got the 5DsR a few years ago as my last 5-series DSLR and still use it - even though i have the R5 and R6 units.

I look at it this way... if a camera takes shots to a level of quality and utility that you need then it still works and has value, especially for the capability for the price.  However, as my colleagues have observed, if one is considering a new purchase, then how the camera will fit into an existing or future system is worth considering.

No knowing your other DSLR gear, it's hard to know what advice to give.  As suggested, if you have a significant investment in legacy lenses, then it might suggest keeping to the 5DsR, but you can likely use them on a R-series camera via the adapters and the ones since about 2009 seem to work pretty well.  Certainly, the R-series MILCs are going through a fast development cycle right now, but for a pro-level camera to match, you are looking at a much greater investment than you have made, and to make the most of that body you would need to invest even more significant sums on glass.

So budget and how much you need the latest features are critical factors here.

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