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Grainy Video- Canon Rebel t3i

Hello. I filmed makeup tutorial videos on my canon and for some reason certain things in the video (shimmer eyeshadow aka my eyelids) look extremely grainy and I’m not sure why. I’ve looked up what settings should be where and my ISO is set at 400. I...

Jcal314 by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

Can't attach lens

Hey there, I'm having trouble attaching the lens to my Eos Rebel T1, I can align the white squares but when I try to turn to atach it something seems to lock it from twisting, tried forcing a little bit and it does twist but not enough to attach. Som...

7D mkii utility software

been searching, but haven't found any info.is there anyway to backup the camera settings?either Canon or aftermarket windows software? otherwise is there a list online somewhere that lists all the settings so i can jot them dowm?or do i have to go sc...

Canon Connect problem with iPhone X

Hello!  I have a canon 6D and it has always successfully connected with my iphone 6s..I just tried to connect with an iphone X, and the iphone is asking for a password.  I've read in previous posts how to retrieve the password, but my iphone X doesn'...

Resolved! EOS M5 w/18-150mm

I'm considering buying the EOS 5 camera. So far very impressed wioth info availabl;e on the internet. Are there any new users and what are the experiences. Opinions and experience of others will help me to make decision.Thanks

mjw by Contributor
  • 4 replies

Canon 6D LCD panel error message

 Hi Everyone, My beloved 6D got a little damp in my rucksack on a walk around the Scottish Highlands.  Now, when I put the battery in, I just see this on the LCD panel, before even turning it on.  When I do turn it on, it’s completely functionless.  ...

Bendobb by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

AF options changed

Hello everyone,,On my EOS-70D, when I used to press the AF button on the right side of the top of the camera, I’d get options for One Shot, AI Focus, and AI Servo. Now, after resetting the defaults using [Clear all camera settings], I get the followi...

Missing Photos after Shooting and Reviewing

Hello all. Yesterday I shot a bunch of photos for a graduation. I shot some before, during, and after the event. When I got home and looked at the SD card, I noticed only the shots I took before the graduation were on the card. This was very puzzling...

owa5489 by Apprentice
  • 7 replies

Resolved! EOS M10 auto focus problem

Hello All, I've recently bought an M10 body and I'm using it with my EF-S lenses with an adapter. I've noticed that when on AF mode the camera is always "focusing", I mean it's always trying to focus even if I'm not touching the shutter button. Somet...

Need suggestions for beginner...

Let me first say that I want a full body camera and not interested in a point n shoot. With that in mind, I want whatever would have the best Auto Mode. I'll learn as I go, but looking to purchase right away and planning a trip to Disney World. Also ...

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