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EOS Rebel T3 Randomly stop video recording


Hey guys, I'm new here.

My EOS Rebel T3 is a great little camera, which I mainly use for photos. However, when I do want to record video it has this strange problem where it will flash "video recording has been stopped automatically" and stop my video at random times. It seems to do it mainly when there is little motion in the frame, but sometimes will stop even with lots of action going on. At any rate, it's a frustrating issue and I feel like I've tried everything to fix it, with no luck. Any help at all is appreciated, and have a blessed Christmas!


- Micah



Does it take a special memory card? I have a T7 and takes a special card rather than the plain ol' card. Check your manual.

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Thanks for the advice. I'll check. 


What specific SD card are you using (brand, V-rating such as V30, full-sized vs. micro)?

Did you format the card before capturing the video?  It could be that if you've been deleting photos and videos over time, that the card has become fragmented.  That would lead to less write speed.

Are you filming in overly warm or hot environments?  Possibly the video is shutting off due to heat?

Can also check the User Manual for any reference to power management/settings.  Though in a quick scan, didn't see anything relating to capturing of movies.


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I did format it before recording, and it worked okay for a while, and then developed the problem again. Heat may be part of the issue - it seems to be worse and worse the longer the camera is on

A 128GB SD Card is too big for your camera. For some reason Canon says SDXC (64GB) or larger SD cards are compatible. THEY ARE NOT and will cause problems with your camera such as locking up or hanging. Or flat stop recording video.


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Ohhh ok that would make sense since smaller cards seemed to work better.


Do you have the manual for the camera? Page 147 tells you that it will stop recording when the file size reaches 4 GB. That's the file system limit.  And recording time can be cut short by the camera's internal temperature getting too high.