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EOS R5 Help - Lost Images on Card

I was using my EOS R5, and accidentally wrote my images to The CF express card. I did not have a card reader on me, so I tried to use the canon menu and copy images from one card to the next.i intended to copy my CFExpress to my SD, but I went the wr...

Canon R6 Keeps Changing Itself to Auto ISO

I recently upgraded one camera from the Canon 5D Mark IV to an R6. I have noticed that during the reception while I'm using my Flashpoint (Godox) AD-200 strobes that my camera will not stay on manual ISO. After a few shots, the R6 keeps switching its...

Resolved! EOS R5 Button Assignments

Hello and thank you for your time. I have two R5 bodies. Right after getting the bodies, new, I set up some different functions on various buttons. Yesterday and today, I set C1-C3 custom setting on the mode button. Those work as advertised when I us...

Fay by Contributor
  • 3 replies

EOS R7 Trouble with Autofocus Tracking

I switched from a Nikon DSLR to the Canon R7. I recently went to an airshow and I was trying to take pictures of all the airplanes the show. For some reason when I was trying to track an aircraft everytime it seemed to get close to the camera it woul...

Llama27 by Apprentice
  • 8 replies

Canon RP EVF Changed! Need help!

I need assistance on how to revert my EVF back to a normal view. I was shooting a birthday party in low light with an external speed flash attached. One minute I can see through the view finder clearly the next something happened. How do I change thi...

csmil06 by Apprentice
  • 6 replies
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