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MG 2520 Won't feed paper

I have a MG 2520 and it will not feed paper.  It is communicating with computer and if I help push the paper through it will print.  When the rollers try to feed the bar bounces back and forth and knock really hard against the printer.  Sounds really...

Canon MG3600 Printer

I have had this printer for about 5 years and had never had any problems.  I changed the color cartridge yesterday - as it said it was empty.  Was not able to print and several lights were flashing. The only way I could print and it was black and whi...

Patoct by Apprentice
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Has Canon been hacked tonight?

Im helping someone who was installing a pixma ts8222. Had problems, contacted CANON. Was directed to what appears to be an imposter, who got into their computer, and then tried to charge them $200 to fix it.When she disconnected and called Canon back...

Wrong Phone Number unable to reach support

Hello, I've been desperately trying to get my Pixma MG5622 running again, but when I call Canon Support they ask for the phone number I used when I created my account. That phone number was changed a few years ago and I can't remember what it was now...

TS7330 Scan Connectivity issue

My new TS7330 prints fine but when I try to open the scanner, I get the message "Failed to open a connection to the device (-21355)". I have done the normal things about deleting and adding the printer a couple of times; restarting my MAC (OS 10.15.1...

Resolved! MF644CDW - Application Library

Just set my Image Class MF644Cdw.  Attempting to  configure the home screen on the unit throught the Remote UI.  However, the Application Library link is not longer on the portal page of the UI.  It was there, now it is not. Why might that be, and ho...

GWT by Contributor
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Cannot scan on PIXMA MX920

I can print to my MX 920, but I cannot scan to it.  When I open my printers and scanners in settings, the only scanner that shows up is my Canon MX870.  When I click on add, only the printer shows up.  Why can I not scan to this printer?

imbogus by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

Printer just stopped working??

Hello Everyone, before I ask my question I wanted to say thank you to everyone who gave me help with my last problem. My problem this time is crazy!!  I was printing a page off of WordPad and it printed out well, but when I went to print out a differ...

Canon ip8720 printing inconsistently

Ive had this printer since May this year, but I am just now really getting around to using it.  The problem I am running into is an inconsistent print quality. Its almost as if while printing the printer changes settings on it own.  For example, I ca...

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