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ip7220 will not print Cyan to CD but prints fine to paper.


This has been happening for over a year now.  When I direct print to CD or DVD, I get no Cyan color.  But if I print a test page, it works perfectly.  So please do not tell me to clean  heads or alignment, the printer seems to work fine.


I read somewhere that if you do not use Canon ink cartridges, it will do stuff like this to punish you.  I use third party cartridges that are about 1/5 the cost.  If I have to use genuine Canon, I guess I can live with that.  But I would like to know before spending the $70 on new color cartridges.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi. You mention that the Cyan ink for your PIXMA iP7220 appears in a test page. If the nozzles are not clogged, the ink should also appear on the printable disk.


I cannot tell you how the printer would perform with third-party ink. Canon does not test its printers with inks made by other manufacturers, so we do not know what problems they can create. For that reason, we only recommend using Genuine Canon ink.


It will help us if you would submit a sample of the nozzle check pattern that you printed. If you can reply to this message, please attach a photo of the nozzle check pattern. We will also need to know which program you are using to print your disk labels.


For instructions that will help you print a nozzle check pattern, please see: 
If you prefer to use the RESUME/CANCEL button on the printer to print the pattern, please see: 


The best way to tell if you have clogged nozzles is by looking at the nozzle test. In that test, you will see three different bars for Cyan. The three bars should be different in intensity. The top bar will be the darkest and the bottom bar will be the lightest. The one in the middle will be a shade between the top and bottom. If the top two bars look exactly the same or if all three bars look the same, then some of the nozzles are clogged.


If you determine that the nozzles are clogged, the only recommend way to clean them is through the printer's built in maintenance options for Cleaning and Deep Cleaning. We do recommend waiting 4-6 hours between cleanings. That will give the fresh ink time to soak through the clog and loosen it.


I hope this information helps. Thanks for choosing Canon.

The Cyan second bar is about half there, the light bar does nothing.  But this is a new print head and nozzle cleaning does nothing. I think something is wrong with the printer.

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