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MP990 Prints Poorly, Streaky Blotchy Photos


I have a PIXMA MP990 and it's been a good printer when I need color or a photo printed.  Now, photos and plain paper printing looks as if ink is not going on the peper correctly.  If I do a nozzle check, all the colors are perfect and the grid is perfect.  Below is a sample of what I'm getting even after nozzles cleaned, rollers cleaned and ALL cartridges are replaced.


Suggestions on resolving this?




Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi. It will help us if you would also submit a sample of the nozzle check pattern that you printed. From the photo you provided, I would say that the nozzles on the print head may still be clogged. The printer mixes the colors together to make different shades, so if there is a clog in the nozzles for one of the colors, you will see horizontal stripes like you see on your photo. If the nozzles are not clogged, the streaks may be caused by the thickness of the paper or a mechanical issue inside the printer.


The best way to tell if you have clogged nozzles is by looking at the nozzle test. In that test, you will see three different bars for Cyan and Magenta. The three bars should be different in intensity. The top bar will be the darkest and the bottom bar will be the lightest. The one in the middle will be a shade between the top and bottom. If the top two bars look exactly the same or if all three bars look the same, then you have clogged nozzles. If you see streaks inside the colored bars, you also have clogged nozzles.




If the nozzles are clogged, the only recommend way to clean them is through the printer's built in maintenance options for Cleaning and Deep Cleaning. We do recommend waiting 4-6 hours between cleanings. That will give the fresh ink time to soak through the clog and loosen it.


If you are certain that the nozzle test is fine, it may be that the paper is too thick for the printer. If that is the case, you can try turning on the Prevent Paper Abrasion option for the printer. To turn on using the printer's operation panel:

  1. Press the HOME button
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select Device settings
  4. Select Print settings
  5. Select Prevent paper abrasion and turn it ON.

Please be sure to turn off the prevent paper abrasion option when you are done. Prevent Paper Abrasion should only be turned on when you are printing on thicker paper.


If the nozzles are clean and turning on the prevent paper abrasion does not help, you are likely dealing with a mechanical issue inside the printer.


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