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Resolved! Auto retract output tray TS8220

Hello all. Couldn't find the anwser anywhere online, so:  I've set this option up in the printer, but I'm not clear on how it works. Once the print job has completed, the tray stays extended (as I would expect), but when would it automatically retrac...

jhansman by Apprentice
  • 11 replies

Resolved! How many years before a PIXMA MG7720 wears out?

my PIXMA was bought midyear 2014 and has seen light use with many periods of time (3 or more months) with no use at all.  I have tried every cleaning protocol that is built into the machine and still I get blank spaces in printed documents.  This is ...

Mx870 isn’t detectable to set up Wireless printing

I’ve had this printer a while and never quite got to the wireless printing feature. I can get it connected but when I go to do install of drivers on wireless option, my windows 10 says there is no printer detectable on the same network.Any ideas ? Am...

SammyB by Apprentice
  • 4 replies

MG3600 Won't Print Grey

Anybody have any suggestions? When I print in black and white, things that should be in grey just don't show up.  My ink levels aren't low, and have tried aligning heads and cleaning nozzles...

TR8520 won't scan after upgrade MacOS to 11.1 (Big Sur)

Had problems with printing and scanning, but solved (I hope) the printer problem.When attempt to access scan function from System Preferences -> Printers & Scanners->Scan->Open Scanner get message "Failed to open a connection to the device (-21345)" ...

ehw by Contributor
  • 11 replies

tr8520 auto on

Just installed the tr8520. the auto on function does not work when a print job is sent to printer it will not automaticly power on and print???

Tr4522 5100 error code

There is nothing jammed, the printer will pull two pages through just fine and jams on the third one- the first two just shoot out blank. I have followed all the steps of reseating my brand new ink cartridges I have checked every where for jams, noth...

IP2820 Canon printer B200 Error message

Hello! I have been trying to solve this error message.  I have unplugged it, plugged it back in, etc.  Everything I have read says change the printer cartridges; however, my cartridges are no longer moving when I power up the printer.  Will manually ...

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