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Resolved! Can print Test, says no ink for document

My Pixma MG3620 Printer will not print anything online. I do aq test print and everything is perfect.  When I try to Print the PDF I get a Low Ink Error message. This makes absolutely no sense to me. Can anyone help me? Windows 10, but Update loaded ...

Screenshot 2021-11-19 201529.png
Mikey7a by Apprentice
  • 4 replies

Pixma TR8622 Not Putting Out Landscape Correctly

Hello!I recently replaced my beloved MG6620 for this TR8622 - an ebay purchase, new in dented box. My 6620 died and finding another proved a challenge. So this one came up, although I wasn't looking for a fax option, but the deal was a great one so I...

Aneta by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

canon mg2550s not recognized

canon mg2550s not recognized freshly bought canon mg3650 not recognized anymore as of 11 18 2021 canon mg2550s not recognized by windows also trying it on another pc laptop still doesnt detect it windows 10 x64 simply doesnt ssee the device iv bought...

plm by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Printer won't connect to mac

I bought a new printer about a month ago and it will not connect to my mac. I do not know where else to turn. I make it to the second step and then it drops. Then the next time I make it to the third and it drops once again. My printer is connected t...

TS705 printing green instead of grey

My TS705 which was printing perfectly is suddenly printing greys as green. I haven't put in new cartridges and I've checked and cleaned everything several times - nozzle heads, deep clean, realigned the heads etc, you name it, I think I've tried them...

Canon ix6800 - printing 3x3?

Hi! I have a Canon ix6800 and am trying to print on 3x3 inch cardstock squares. I set a custom page size and when I run it, nothing prints. I tried putting regular 8.5x11 in to see what happens and it prints about 3/4 of the 3x3 design on the very bo...

emsalew by Apprentice
  • 0 replies

ink stopped flowing on G6040 Ink Tank

I have a Canon G6040 Ink Tank.  It has been working perfectly well until a couple of days ago when the black,red and yellow stopped flowing.  the tanks are all about 3/4 full.  after doing the deep cleaning a couple of times, the blue stopped flowing...

DMobey by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

Problem printing

Hi. I use a Canon MP490. Never had a problem in 12 years. Changed the color cartridge and now the screen says print head not installed???? I'm not techinally skilled. What does this mean? Can I fix it? Thanks in advance to someone with this skill.

scans are pdf . want jpg

I am scanning several images together against a background. They automatically come up as pdf files. I want a jpeg file. I have done several of these kinds of composites and at first they were jpegs but now they are all pdf files. Is there a setting ...

SCW by Apprentice
  • 25 replies

I Need Help On My Printers.

Hello, all the users of Canon and others also. This is my first post here. I am posting this for help. Guys, I have a problem with my printer(Canon Pixma G3010). The issue is the printer won't print black color on the paper. But, others colors workin...

PIXMA MG2522 printer drivers won't load

Came with a CD I dont have a CD drive.   Been attempting to download for 2 days from various sites primarily CANON's.  I get to the end every time and get this message: CAN'T CREATE OUTPUT FILE: C:\Users\me\AppData\Local\Temp\win-mg2500-1_1-ucd\MSETU...

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