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canon 2900 wont print bottom of page


I have looked through every setting I can find... and I'm quite savvy but I can not get this fixed. 


the printer is cutting off the last 1/2 to an inch of the bottom of the page. everything else looks normal and it does not do this on a word document but does on a software program I am using and on a download from chrome.


everything was fine until I changed the printer head, and yes I did an alignment.





Hi dsallie,


In order to better assist you, allow me to ask a few questions:

  • Which program are you printing from?
  • Do you get the same effect when printing from another program, like Easy-PhotoPrint?
  • If printing a photo or image, are you printing borderless?
  • Which version of Windows or Macintosh are you using?

I look forward to your reply.



I am trying to print from a program called DRAKE, it is a tax preparation software program. It has always worked perfectly for me up until I changed the ink cartridge today. 


Only other thing I have tried to print from has been word and it printed fine, but when I downloaded a tax return to my computer, it opened in chrome and tried to print it (pdf) it was doing the same as the software and leaving the bottom off.


only printing documents.


Windows 10



Hi dsallie,


Please try printing your PDF using Adobe Reader.  Once the PDF is open in that program, click on File and Print.  In the window that appears, please choose "Fit to Page" and click Print.


Your PDF will not be cut off when printing.

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Way i understand its a canon thing. only work around i came up with is set to "poster" with 0.5 margin. Tick the box for "cut marks". each page will be printed in two pages which you then splice using the cut marks. Seems crazy but it works. Good luck!