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TS9521C - iMac 12.1

Why doesn't Canon update their software and drivers to work with Mac products?  I have zero color management and my print quality is terrible with the new update and my new iMac. I am furious! Why do I not have a driver or color management?   

Incorrect type face size

I have a TR4520 printer which is changing the document print area (and typeface size) when copying from my iMac and, as well, changing it from portrait to landscape!Any ideas on how I might get out of this mess please?

ianrwatt by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

MX850 prnter feeds multiple sheets of paper

My Printer suddenly started t misfeed multiple sheets of paper from the rear but not bottom feed trays.  I used the roller cleaning function numerous times,  cleaned the rollers with alcohol several times and blew it with compressed air. I use brand ...

Deep heads cleaning fails the unclogging

I'm getting in trouble with my Pixma TS5151, I can't get rid of the white stripes on black cartridge even though more and more deep cleaning procedures have been taken.It seems the cartridge is clogged hard and the automatic cleaning is not enough to...

Deep cleaning failure.jpg

TS6020 won't scan or copy red

I've been scanning my collection of Disney pins, and normally the colors are true and vivid. For some reason I suddenly can't get my TS6020 all-in-one to either scan or copy correctly the color red. On the left is a photo I took of the pin in questio...

photographed.jpg scanned.jpg

Pixma MG6120 error code:5,202,54 when scanning

My MG6120 has started displaying "Code:5,202,54" when scanning under Windows 11. There are no available Canon drivers for Windows 11. The message on this page (

Tr4520 printer

My home office computer is on the office network and my printer is on my home network. I cannot print directly to the printer, on my old non Canon printer I was able to send the print job directly to the printer via email (Epson Connect) can you do t...

Bfadair by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

TR8500 says "the printer is in use"

Hi there, out of nowhere my printer stopped printing. i was trying to print something from my ipad which typically always works. it didn't print, and now i am also not able to print from the computer or the ipad.  When i open the printer settings on ...

CharbKM by Apprentice
  • 18 replies

Error code P07

I cannot get my printer to do anything and i have done everything it says in the manual except reset it and it doesn't tell me how to do that. Please help 

Ngjames by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

PIXMA TR8520 Not Printing Black in Documents

Suddenly having the same blank page printing problem on my Pixma TR8520, I went through PEdit's steps (save for 5-7), and the print nozzle check pattern test page printed out absolutely fine. But I'm still printing out blank pages from applications. ...

Canon Print Test Page.jpg
JasW by Apprentice
  • 4 replies

MG3620 Print Head Alignment gone WHACKY!

hi all! first time two-yr. old Pixma MG3620 has been doing a fine job printing mostly correspondence (black), and the occasional photo. but lately (after a cartridge change), I noticed the black print getting a little blurry and "slanted" ...

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