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PIXMA TS9520 Offline to Online


I am trying to find a resolution to a problem I am having with my canon TS9520 printer. When i have a power glitch my printer goes offline. The only way I have to get it back is to delete it out of the data base and add the printer again. I am a Microsoft 8.1 user with the latest print drivers installed. I am in a wireless fiber network and I sometime loose the printer when my service provider goes away and then come back moments later. Again the printer shows offline and after months of trying different ideas on printer and the software driver I have determine there is no other way to get my system to recognize or get the printer from a offline state to online and ready is to delete it and add the same printer! What I am trying to find out, is my problem unique or do others experience the same issue. Or am I simply overlooking something ?


Product Expert
Product Expert


The offline message would mean that the computer has lost the connection to the printer. If the issue comes up after you have a power glitch or you network connection drops, it looks like there is a poor network connection issue. In this situation, I would suggest trying to power cycle the router and try moving the computer and printer closer to your wireless router to see if you can improve the signal strength.

If you continue to have Issues, i would suggest contacting support at 1-800-652-2666 and they can check your network environment or the printer's network settings to see why the computer drops the connections to the printer.

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