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PIXMA G1220 "The printer is performing another operation" & Windows 10 Compatibility


I get the same message each time I try to print. Installed, uninstalled, rebooted, updated, installed, defaulted, removed old printer. Did everything the "self-help" suggests, and the PC says the printer is ready to use.

Yet, each time I get, "The printer is performing another operation."

Obviously the PIXMA G1220 is not compatible with Win-10.




If you could please reply with the information requested above, our Product Experts will reply. The PIXMA G1220 is compatible with Windows 10, so giving more information will allow them to assist you. 

I bought this G1220 printer in January and recently installed it for my Win-10 PC. I waited because I had too much invested in the old printer supplies.

I set it up and followed the prompts and rebooted the PC. The PC says the printer is ready to go, and even shows the Canon pop-up window displaying what's to be printed.

When I click on the 'Print' icon, nothing happens, and another pop-up says, "The printer is performing another operation."

I have uninstalled and installed twice, rebooting the PC. Unplugged the USB cable and plugged it in while the PC is running. 

The PC recognizes it, but the printer will not follow the PC print command.


Based on the steps you have already taken, I recommend reaching out to Canon support for this issue. You will need to register your Canon gear HERE to access additional support options.

We look forward to hearing from you. 

Thanks for the reply, but I've already done all that too. Didn't get anywhere there. Their system insists I need to register my printer, and I've done that twice. There is no 800-number for any warm-body. It's all "self-help". Why I posted here.

I solved the problem. I went back to the "members" area and reregistered again. This time the webpage allowed me to complete my registration; address etc. that didn't show up before. Then my product info 'downloads' showed up and I dumped them all into a specific folder, and then installed them all again. This time with the printer "On".

Still, it would not print, and kept insisting 'there was another operation in progress'.

I opened the printer, and a pop-up said, "Printer cabinet open".

Hmmm. I punched the "OK" button, and it went crazy.

I opened the printer again and noticed a little gray tab off to the right rear over the spooler (?).

I took that out, just to see what would happen, because I really didn't care if I ruined the machine. I was about ready to throw it out in the yard.

Well, it fired up and set the spooler (whatever that thing is in the back that rolls) into action. Then the software jumped into action and produced a pane for printing and printed out test pages stored up. Then I asked it to print something I needed, and it came out.

There was nothing in the unpacking and setup literature in the box when I put it on the desk about that little gray tab.