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My new TS5020 won't print text!!!

OK, this is one of several problems I'm having with my new TS5020 printer. It won't print text. it'll print pictures from a Web page when copied into a Word document but to print either a Word document or a Notepad taxt page, the printer prints a bla...

Blackink by Contributor
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Can't register my new TS5020 printer..

OK, this is one of 3 problems but I'll list only one. I can't register my new TS5020 printer. Here is the link to the message I get when trying, and I tried with capital letters too and got the same message: I double checked...

Blackink by Contributor
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How to print on A4 Glossy Photo paper with E470

Any idea how i can force my printer to print my job from Microsoft word to A4 glossy photo paper? Its been 3 days im try to analyse but the stupid printer keep force me to only choose the size that already been set the printer which is really annoyin...

Ling82 by Apprentice
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MX870 and Windows 10 scanner driver

I am setting up a new computer with Windows 10. It automatically got a printer app that seemed to work fine for printing, i.e. all print settings and ability to save presets, etc worked but could not scan document from printer buttons.I installed mp6...

Mikezz1 by Apprentice
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Resolved! PIXMA TS5020 - Support Code 6004

My Canon PIXMA TS5020 which has been working perfectly for a few years has suddenly decided to throw Support Code 6004 every time it is turned on. Support Code 6004 Printer error has occurred. Follow the steps below. 1. Cancel printing, then turn the...

canon ts9120 support code 6004

Have used the TS9120 satisfactorily for several years. Ran out of ink during a print run at the end of the day. I turned off the printer without canceling the print job.  After restarting computer and printer the next day I installed a new ink cartri...

Chromebook and mx492 printer

I just bought a chromebook and it recognizes my mx492 printer.  Both are connected wirelessly.  It says its printing a document on the mx492 but nothing happens.  The print job is listed on the chromebook print page it shows as printing then it says ...

lat1 by Apprentice
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Resolved! Canon TS5120 Printing blurry / wavy

Hello and thank you for your help! Out of nowhere this week my printer of a year old (Canon TS5120) started printing wonky. Some of the final print is somewhat blurry, uneven, not clear, just not right. I have followed help from Canon regarding align...

IMG-8065.jpg IMG-8063.jpg IMG-8064.jpg

TS9120 Won't print whole page

My TS9120 always leaves the last several lines off of each page.  Since I got the printer to print legal documents requiring signatures, this means it is just taking up space in my house.  How do I make it useful?

Blurgh by Apprentice
  • 26 replies

canon tr8520- won't scan

Get message "set PC to start scanning. I can copy, I can actually scan If I go into utility scanner, but I can't just put something on the printer to scan.  then I get the message, set PC to start do I do that

gtownann by Apprentice
  • 19 replies

Re MX925 auto head clean and ink use

Hi Yesterday I purchased a MX925 and while it appears to be working OK it also appears / sounds as if it is going through a head cleaning process every time I print something ? IS IT if so surely this will use an allfull lot of ink ? Mike 

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