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MX 922 Ink Error Codes

Magenta showed empty so replaced it (with Canon OEM).  Then I got error code (1681) alleging more than 1 of the highlighted ink color installed (not true as I verified I had one of each installed).  I turned off the machine, restarted and then got a ...

Canon Pixma MX340 printer. How to clear Error 5200?

I have a Canon Pixma MX340 multi-function printer. How do I clear Error 5200? The message said to turn the printer off and then on, and if that did not clear the error to consult the user's manual. On/off did not clear the error, and the online user'...

PaulR by Apprentice
  • 77 replies

Will not print black and white

I've just purchased this printer (PIXMA TR850) and is set up wireless. I can prnt color photoe but when I try to print B & W it says that the (the printe is not responding). What should I do to fix the problem?

Pixma MX922 Printing Slowly

I just upgraded on my Mac to Catalina. Now my printer prints VERY SLOWLY!! I'm in the process of printing photos 4x6 and it takes about 15 minutes to print one!!! I updated the driver and that hasn't helped. Help!! 

PIXMA TR failure

bought a PIXMA TR4527 from Amazon. It failed to ever start and gave a buzzing sound and 3 messages: <support code 7600 repair needed> <contact service center. repair needed> and <turn the device off, unplug the power cord> .Called tech help they walk...

hmoss by Apprentice
  • 0 replies

MX532 printer not printing correct from a MAC

I have an MX532 printer.  It prints text just fine.  When I print anything with a graph it only printed the text and not the graph, pictures, etc.  I made a change prior (before I reloaded the OS).  I tried printing from a PDF, our of MS Word with th...

kupiaicw by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

PIXMA TR4551 Not Printing

New purchased Canon PIXMA TR4551 Printer.Installed latest SW, with latest Drivers. Printer recognized (WiFi), but did not print. tried 3 times to uninstall and reinstall but printer did not work. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

punkstar by Apprentice
  • 0 replies

MG8120 stopped working after set up of PRO-100

My old yet reliable PIXMA MG8120 stopped printing for me yesterday after I set up a new PIXMA PRO-100. I'd printed a photo on the old machine before installing the PRO-100 and printing the same photo for comparison.  I then went to print the rebate f...

Resolved! canon mg 7150 error code 1410

Like many others I am inquiring about code 1410 "The following ink tank cannot be recognised". However, as two of my own adult children and myself all have the Pixma mg 7150, I have utilised parts to test the machine at fault. My daughter Helena's pr...

PIXMA TS3322 No power

I was printing a document and all of a sudden, the power turned off. The power cord is secure. I've tried two different sockets, but still no power. Any ideas?

Pixma MG5721 message "Not Connected"

In my print dialog box on my desktop computer it says "printer not connected," even though the printer is directly wired to the computer. For years I have printed with no issue. We had a power outage during a storm, and it no longer will print. Howev...

mmalemud by Apprentice
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PIXMA MX922 Can't scan

Hi,I don't know what I mistakenly changed, but I did something and now I can't scan to my MacBook Pro. I also can't seen to get a person. I tried calling support, but it doesn't recognize my phone number. I registered yesterday though I bought the pr...

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