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Canon G1010: heat-transfer paper for fabric

I have a canon pixma G1010
Can it be use for printing in heat-transfer paper for fabrics?

I've read that it cannot support t-shirt transfer paper but for borderless feature only.
I want to know if it can work if I will not use the borderless feature. If printing in a t-shirt transfer paper will work fine if i won't make it borderless

The G1010 is a non-US model and is supported in southeast asia. 


I don't see anything about support for T-Shirt tansfer paper


Suggest you contact Canon Asia

Bay Area - CA

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The printer may not support t-shirt transfer paper, but it should work for borderless printing.


Hey there! The Canon Pixma G1010 may not support t-shirt transfer paper, but it can work for borderless printing. If you want to try printing on t-shirt transfer paper without using the borderless feature, it's worth a shot!
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