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PIXMA TS202 Won't Print Web Pages


its either my laptop,or my printer, or my ignorance thats not allowing me to print out web pages WTF

hey how y'all doin, Well Im stumped with a printing issue that i know that either somthings missing as in driver or download or its ..doin somthing wrong...ok heres what ive got...Dell Insperion 1545 Laptop, 64Bit OS..running Windows 7 Home Premium sp-1( yes its old  and im aware Win 7 is over and its time to move along but ,though a little sluggish, it works good } I use Google Chrome as my Default Browser and Microsoft Edge as a backup if that even matters, anyway,  i picked up a like-new but older model Canon Pixma TS-202 Printer, I downloaded the two Installs with drivers they recomended, 1.} Canon Utilities and 2.} My Image Garden...ive already used it several times and it to works great.. BUT.. it wont let me print out a web page, it acts like it wants to but but I noticed the numbers and words are fant and when click on them nothing happens...can anyone Kindly tell me vwhats goin on, and/ or what i need to do......Id sure appriciate it.....thank you,,,JD



If your nozzle checks print good and other printing (other than a web page) prints properly it doesn't sound like a printer problem. Do Edge and Chrome print the same (and poorly)?

John Hoffman
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Good Morning,

When visiting the support portal for the TS202, I did not find any "Canon Utilities" for W7 x64.

I did see a full drivers and software package.  Canon Support for PIXMA TS202 | Canon U.S.A., Inc.


If you used a different installer or one from another site, this may be a reason why you are experiencing difficulties.  If you wouldn't mind confirming this for us, that would be helpful.

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