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Mass Scanning Via Rear Tray - Canon TS6420


Hi there! I'll include the full story; in case anyone has suggestions beyond just my main question. (note*** "go buy a 500$ dedicated photo scanner" is not constructive advice!)

I recently came in to possession of a MASSIVE number of family photos that were buried in a closet. (thousands of photos). I looked in to "digitization" costs; expecting it to be cheaper than obtaining new prints, usually .10c a photo or so. (as I imagined those organizations owned massive megascanners that could burn 1000 photos in 5 minutes with minimal labor and near 0 overhead). Turns out I could buy a mega scanner of my own for what they charge to digitize this many photos.

For basic home use; I already have a small Canon TS6420. Obviously very entry level, but it scans and copies just perfectly for the level of quality I'd need for a bunch of photos from 1980s disposable cameras. I'd tested a few scans and the quality looks great. The scanner has a nifty feature of (sometimes) allowing me to stick 3 or 4 on the scan bed automatically separating them. But even with that function; it's looking like it would take weeks of dedicated scanning to do this.

What's dawned on me however is that the rear tray would allow me to load stacks at a time and then go about working or whatever else. However; I can't for the life of me figure out how to send an image from the REAR tray to the computer. If I attempt to use the IJ scan tool; it always defaults to the scan bed. If I attempt to initiate it on the scanner itself; the rear tray only "copies". Is there a way to effectively "Scan" with the rear tray?


Any suggestions are appreciated!



Suggestions aside, I think its important to tell you that the rear tray on the TS6420 is for paper, not for scanning.  Your printer does not have a ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) which is essentially what I believe you are hoping for.  Using an ADF for photos can be tricky.  Photo scanners are in fact better suited for this since they don't curl the photos like a printer's ADF might.  I'd be happy to discuss further if you wish.  

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