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Resolved! Pixma G4200 error code 5B00

My printer stopped printing magenta, then after trying to clean the nozzles the yellow stopped.  Looking inside I saw the tubes with ink were empty.  Looking through the manual(s) it looked like I need to do a ink flush or system cleaning but when I ...

Canon Pixma TS704 displayed error 5B00

I updated my Canon Pixma TS704 driver last month and today my printer displayed error 5B00. I have tried to clear it pressing the on and stop button as suggested by a website I visited online, yet the error still persist. Kindly suggest what I can do...

Abiodun by Apprentice
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Smear on envelope edge Pixma G7020

Regarding my G7020, whenever I print an envelope, I get some smear on the upper left edge. If I print a few envelopes successively, it decreases with each envelope and then goes away, but the next time I print an envelope, it's back. Obviously, I'm p...

Envelope smear.jpg

Resolved! PIXMA G7020 prints but does not scan

I moved to a new home. Resetting up my PIXMA G7020 has been anything but smooth. My new internet provider does not have 2.4Ghz, only 5Ghz, so I had to connect a long USB cable to my laptop. (Ridiculous!) The computer didn't see the printer at all, so...

PIXMA G3260 not printing in correct order

I am having problems with my Pixma G3260 Printing properly. When I print a large document the pages do not print in the correct order. For example the document i just took off the printer the 1st page is page 2 empty back.Then page 1of 34 which has p...

kanBrit by Apprentice
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Canon Pixma TS6350 printing colors wrong. help.

I know its expected that a print will never be the same as the image as seen in a monitor but my prints are coming out very different from what I see in my screen.This is a project that I was working on that really highlighted the problem.I have trie...

1.png 2.png
Malfalda by Apprentice
  • 9 replies

PIXMA TS3522 Destroyed

I bought a Canon TS3522 and that thing has been the biggest piece of crap I have ever seen in my life.  I have bought some cheap junk printers before but this one here isn't fit to be a paperweight let alone a printer. Do not buy this piece of crap Y...

Sgt203 by Apprentice
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