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PIXMA MG2500 Series - False Paper Jam Error

Hello!! When I went to print something this morning it said that there was a paper jam. There wasn't a paper jam the paper would not go all the way down. I look and there is nothing in the way. It's just like the paper will not go down. I have tried ...

Faith73 by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

TS702A White Horizontal Lines

Hello, today, my printer starts acting up with the lines, but my ink is barely used. I have removed the cartridges and have noticed that the white thing is barely accepting any ink. I have tried using a paper towel to remove the old ink, but it still...

batw by Apprentice
  • 0 replies

CANON 6400 PRINTER INK Cartridge substitutions.

Looking to confirm that I could use previously purchased Can 210 XL Black and 211 XL Color Ink Cartridges for new Canon printer which recommends PG 260 and CL 261 for replacement.  Could this still be used in new printer and would there anything nece...

Ozone22 by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

PIXMA MG2522 "Ink Absorber Almost Full" Message

Today, for the first time ever, when initiating a print job, the printer status window informed me that "the ink absorber is almost full". I had to press the START button to continue with the printing task. Is this anything to worry about? Will the p...

Resolved! Printhead QY6-0086 pins (MX922)

I have a MX922 printer that uses the QY6-0086 printhead. I got a B200 error and was unable to clear the error, even with a very thorough cleaning of the printhead.I eventually put scotch tape over control pins 10 and 11. The printer then came up OK. ...

waldo by Contributor
  • 4 replies

PIXMA MX922 Uneven Blue Printing

   Can someone please assist?  I have done cleaning and deep cleaning on my printer, but I continue having trouble with blues. There is a distinct change in printing on the nozzle check pattern in the blue, and as you can see from photos that I print...

B5F64087-81E7-48FB-B164-289AF2A88D35.jpeg 52CFBBEE-C506-45FD-B30A-A11A65CE2E2F.jpeg 76562090-8CD3-4516-AF46-8B99B4A9CCF0.jpeg 0075E816-EEB5-4041-AD70-B7522877D253.jpeg

Pixma TS9521C is printing very lightly

My Pixma TS9521C is printing very lightly (about 60% of the value) from my MAC (OS Catalina). I have tried every setting and wasted a lot of time and money on photo paper trying to get this corrected. It shouldn't be this hard. Tried calling support,...

Canon Pixma TS9120 Printing Issue

Windows OS 7Background: My printer was set up correctly and for two years, worked beautifully. It's a multi-function printer with scanning, copying, and photo-print capability.I hadn't printed in a while and just tried to print to no avail. My printe...

ravabc by Apprentice
  • 4 replies

Resolved! PIXMA MX439 compatible with Windows 11?

I purchased a new HP Pavillion running Windows 11.  When attempting to set up my PIXMA MX439 I receive an error that printer drivers cannot be found.  All searches thus far say the highest version for compatibility is Windows 10.  Is this true?  Does...

Canon PIXMA MX922 Print Head Support Code 1403

Hello,I have owned a Canon MX922 printer for a number of years.  Recently, in the middle of a print job it errored out with a 1403 support code informing me that an incorrect print head was installed.  I reseated the print head, but still got the sam...

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