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Disable wifi printing on IP7250

Hello, How can I disable wireless printing on the IP7250 printer, to print trough USB cable again. I have tried many solutions found on the internet but none worked for me.Thanks

mcx by Apprentice
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MG 3222 will not print all text

My 3 month old MG 3222 will randomly forget to print things on a page - no rhyme or reason to what it wont print, but it will leave lines out that show on print preview but wont print.  Printed out my fishing license - half of my info doesn't show up...

mf 8380cdw scan & tool box 4.9

mf 8380cdw scan & tool box 4.9 will not work with windows 8.1; I have done all I know with drivers, uninstalled and reinstalled, updated etc. With the Tool Box software I have tried troubleshooting and compatibility tests and fixes. It will work for ...

Canon D480 - "Check Document"

I keep receiving the message "Check Document" after a paper jam was removed from the document feeder. I've opened the document feeder and cannot find anything out of place. Are there any areas of the document feeder that I should be looking more clos...

Cant scan from mg5560

Hi I have jsut bought a canon mg5560 I am using a mac air and can print from it but cant scan. Wifi is working fine. How do I overcome this?

annec by Apprentice
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Oce CS 231

Hi all,  I have an Oce CS 231 that had secure print setup by someone else however it is no longer working and I'm not sure what else I need to do or if I'm missing anything. I've read through the various manuals for this device and they don't help. H...

kjong by Apprentice
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How do I connect the MX880 USB to my router USB?

Need assistance in how to connect mu MX880 to my router USB for network printing.  I am using Windows 8.1 and a netgear 6200 router.  The USB cable is pluged into the routers USB port.  I cannot get the the compture to see the printer.  Thank you

davevia by Apprentice
  • 2 replies
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