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Canon MX860 Issues, Ist MX860 Will not print Black, the 3rd MX860 will not power on.




Mac OS X Snow Leopard, Network Connected Printer, Public IP /24, Replaced Print Head, Replaced Power Supply.

Neither Print Head nor Power Supply were the problem. The Print Head and Power Supply working fine in a 2nd Canon MX860.


I have no computers running  Microsoft Windows operating system.

I have not tried printing from my Linux Boxes.


The 1st MX860 will not print black.

The nozzle test print it prints fine, colors and black

the head alignment print is excellent, bold black and colors

Attempt to make a copy of a black and white letter; it prints a blank page

Attempt to print the LAN settings, it prints a blank page

Copy a brightly colored paper towel in color , it prints fine


The 3rd MX860 will not turn on at all.

Replaced power supply with a known good power supply, no difference.

tested the original power supply in the 1st MX860. works fine.

put power supplies back in their original unit.

The 3rd MX860 will just not turn on.

Looking for suggestions as to what to try next.

if that means replacing the logic board point me to where to purchase the logic board.


If I cannot repair this MX860, I need to know what Canon Printers use the same ink cartridges.

I have far too much money tied up in ink cartridges to just not use them.





Hi artisticforge,


For a listing of printers that use the same inks as the PIXMA MX860, please click here.  Please note, we do not have any current model printers that use the same inks as the PIXMA MX860.


For the PIXMA MX860 that is not printing black, when the nozzle check pattern printed, if a black grid resembling a net did not appear above the colors (in addition to the black color that appears in the color section), we recommend performing at least one cleaning and two deep cleanings to try and resolve the issue.  To do this, please follow the steps located here.


For the PIXMA MX860 that will not power on, if you have another power cord you can use with the printer, please see if using that power cord will allow the printer to power on.


If the printers still do not turn on or print black ink after performing the above steps, they will require servicing to determine the exact cause and resolution to the issues.  Please call or email us at one of the methods on the Contact Us page to obtain your servicing options.

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Ramona I solved the problem by changing the paper default from plain paper to High resolution paper and it works every time. For copying you can either hit the color copy button or you can change that paper default from plain to photo paper plus glossy II. Others may work too but I haven't tried it...

I have been told that changing the paper default is forcing the printer to print text from the black dye ink but it doesn't really matter to me because it looks just as good,