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how fix blank lines on scans using MF5770

how fix blank lines on scans using MF5770.  Already restarted Win 7 computer and MF5770.  Using Windows fax and scan.  Several months of successful use before this problem began last couple weeks.  9/2014  Thnks for any help

iP2700 won't print

iP2700 on Win 7 won't print:- documents to be printed appear in print cue- top item in print cue shows "printing"- green lite on printer is blinking-"re-starting" document in printer cue produces no results.- computer is on a home network- will not p...

LBP6000 parts

My printer got dropped - there's a PCB at the top toward the back that got snapped. It's a very simple board, and if I could get a new one I could replace it myself. I can't find a source for parts like this anywhere. I don't want to buy a new $100 p...

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