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Canon not launching when plugged into MacBook

This has never happened before, I've used the same computer and camera for my last two photo shoots with no issues. Today I plugged in my camera and nothing happened. I searched for hours to even find the camera, yes it was recognized but I couldn't ...

Canon Camera Connect + iPhone

The problem: thousands of unwanted photo folders titled "Canon 6D Mark II" on iPhone generated by the Camera Connect app and no way of removing them. It first happened with iPhone 8 and now that I bought an iPhone 12 Pro, I'm struggling with it again...

EOS Utility not showing up as an option.

Hello! I have installed the EOS Utility 3.13.10 for Windows or the Canon 80D. When I open the utility, my camera is connected fine and I can use the live view. Unfortunately, the EOS utility doesn't show up as an option anywhere else. It doesn't show...

Low video quality through EOS utility (NOT webcam)

When I record a video through EOS utility it, for some reason, records in noticably lower quality than when I just press the record button on the camera, despite the settings kept unchanged. The end result is a video with the same resolution, bitrate...

webvcam eos utilty

I have download and installed the canon webcam eos utility and run the eos utilty which display my live image perfectly.I closed the eos utilty and checked in the task manager it wasn't running and then opened skype. Under the setting for video i did...

Problems with Camera Connect App

 My son has a nice Canon Camera and one of the reaons he picked this one is that he can control it from his phone. He has the latest version of the Camer Connect on his phone and everything seems to be working but it is slow to respond, freezes often...

garybeck by Apprentice
  • 29 replies

Canon Camera Connect app not opening

Hiya,My app was working o.k till this week (I use an ipad and version is up to date).  Now if I tap the app icon, it either reverts to the home screen of the ipad or opens a different app.  I’ve tried rebooting, I’ve tried deleting the app and reinst...

Pegstar by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Canon Connect app SX720

Is anyone else having issues connecting to the Canon Connect app on Samsung S10?  Since the July update I haven't been able to connect.  I have tried to uninstall, reboot phone, reinstall and still won't connect.  Getting beyond frustrated.

truemist by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

Camera Connect App won’t open

I have an ELPH 360 HS and I am trying to transfer pictures from the camera to my iPad. The Camera Connect app will not open. I tap on it and it opens-then-closes. I did read here in the community to delete the app, restart my iPad, and re-install the...

EOS Utility for Mac hangs after choosing Region

Yes, I'm on macOS BigSur. My computer updated, and well, there we go. Got no choice now! That said, I see that this happens frequently with this piece of software, so, I'm checking to see if anyone has an idea of how to get around this? Get the files...

qmanning by Apprentice
  • 5 replies

EOS 800D utility software will not download

I am trying to pair my camera with my laptop but when I try to down the EOS 800D utility app it keeps saying it can't be downloaded securely. Not sure how I will be able to get my photos from my camera to my laptop. I have a 2019 Macbook Pro and ther...

RAM requirements to run EOS utility?

I'm buying a Windows 10 tablet that has only 2gb RAM. My intention is to use this tablet chiefly in conjunction with my camera and star tracker, and its use with the tracker will be limited only to assist with more precise polar alignment. My hope is...

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