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Editing a photo and keeping outlines straight?


I had a fellow ask to delete his phone number on a photo I received from his phone. I was able to transfer it to a relevant file. However, it was a jpg photo. I did discover how to edit in PSE 2021 and File Explorer. I do find it difficult to keep brushes, etc., in a straight line while outlining or lassoing something. I couldn't stay in the lines in grammar school, either. Any and all help is most appreciated.



Are you using a mouse? If so, that can be quite difficult.  I'm not sure if Photoshop elements has it, but in Photoshop, you can rotate the canvas to make it easier to draw paths, outlines, etc.  e.g. if you find it easier to make straighter lines horizontally, but need to draw one vertically, you temporarily rotate the canvas to allow you to work horizontally.

If you need to make exact straight lines, you should be able to click to define a starting point, move the mouse to the next desired point, then shift-click.

For very precise work, a graphics tablet with pen makes for the best possible experience.


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Ricky, I'm using a mouse. I'll experiment with rotating the canvas.  I have seen the graphics tablets and they are amazing.

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