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A safe glue (non-setting, permanently tacky) to apply to 700D/750D etc. body?

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I got fed up with accidentally switching straight into live-view when switching the camera on.

I had an idea, which works well, but it wants a non setting glue to complete it.

The idea

Remove the battery, switch the camera 'on' to "on", cover the on/off/live-view switch-trench and switch etc, with a layer of cling-film "Saran wrap?", then pack the untravelled portion of the trench with epoxy putty (Milliput in my case) let the putty set in situ then remove it, peel off the cling film and 'dress' the set putty (plug) as required.


Perfect!  The plug thus formed even carried the imprint of the knurling of the mode wheel, though I had to remove that imprint from the plug as it 'locked' the mode wheel in place or displaced the plug when the mode wheel was moved etc.


All I now need is a non permanent way of keeping the plug in place when live-view is not required and am thinking of a non setting permenantly tacky glue.


Does anyone know of such a glue that is safe to use on the camera bodies mentioned?





No glue advice.  Instead of running the risk of ruining your camera, just pay closer attention to what you are doing.  If the camera had an issue, i doubt Canon would fix it.  They would want to remove the goop before they would guarantee a repair.


"Doctor told me to get out and walk, so I bought a Canon."

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You might consider swtiching to an 80D.  On the 80D and above bodies, video mode is enabled via a separate switch on the live-view button (typically just right of the optical finder).


I probably would not attempt to glue anything onto the on-off switch.  It's not just the semi-permanent nature of it ... it's also that should you decide to remove it, now you've got gummy adhesive on that swtich which is likely to collect dust and gunk and that may work it's way into the camera and it's a potential mess I'd rather avoid.



Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da

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Cheers Tim, I see your point and will think on the 'gummy residue' but I don't think I can justify another camera for just this reason.

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This sounds like it just might me a job for Sugru.


You might pick some up to experiment with before affixing it to your camera body. It's easily moldable, has a pretty good grip and sets up to the consistency of a hard rubber. I suspect it could be later trimmed away with an X-acto knife if necessary, but you'll have to figure that out for yourself. 


And if you don't want to use it on your camera you can probably fix  an old pair of sneakers or a worn out USB cable or something else you've got lying around broken.

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That looks like it might be handy stuff.