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 Hello...I have a question and a curiosity... How many NITS has the Monitor´s Canon 5D Mark IV ? I want to buy other monitor "on board" with same brightness...Thanks so much.

JUANKGIL by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

DPP Batch Process Windows 8.1 hangs

After performing a batch process to convert .CR2 to .JPG, when exiting the converter progress bar dialog, the program flashes a few screens then hangs my computer.  Only the mouse cursor is alive, all other normal things are gone including Ctrl-Alt-D...

Digital Photo Professional 4

I am on Digital Photo Professional 4 Version and I am on Windows 10 x64. I find that DPP4main.exe even with "run as administrator" seems to be showing the "hour glass" when I open up. I can open up the application, however it might be havin...

Do you prefer DPP or Lightroom

I haven't tried Lightroom, so I cannot comment on its benefits or shotcomings. I am just starting to dip my toes into DPP, and while I am far from conversant about it's intracacies, benefits and quirks, I feel that for now it will be sufficient for m...

John_SD by Whiz
  • 56 replies

RAW converter for 90D RAWs!!!

Hi everyone,I got my hands on the shiny new camera and am waiting for my standard RAW-converter (Capture One) to integrate the file format. Aside from the Canon-solution (which is just a pain to work with and gets mediocre results imho) are there any...

Resolved! Anyone using ACDSee Ultimate 2019 with G7X Camera

BACKGROUND: Using G7X & 7D Cameras                            Take all images in RAW                            Using ACDSee 2019 as my editing software When I import all images from both cameras (in RAW) all images are as they should be. However, wh...

EOS Utility 3 'connection lost'

Hi all, Been having an issue with EOS Utility 3 using the tethered live view.  The camera I use is a (brand new) canon 5DS, computer software is Windows 10 (64 bit) tethered with a usb 3 lead and an ac adapter. The images are to be captured onto the ...

EOS Utility 2 High CPU usage

Hi,Using the EOS Utility with a 700d in Live View causes a constant CPU spike of over 150% in Activity MonitorThis in turn causes the internal fan to run continuosly, ruining the audio recording.Seems like there's a huge memory leak in the software. ...

balaka by Apprentice
  • 11 replies

EOS Utility

Hello. I have the Canon Rebel T6. I have downloaded and installed the programs from Canon's website but nothing happens when I open EOS Utility and connect my rebel (even with the usb cable).I have searched high and low for help and nothing has worke...

sararen by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

Resolved! DPP 4 Trimming / Crop Tool Question

When using DPP 4 Trimming / Crop tool I can't paste changes to multiple images. When using the older DPP 3 version, there was an "apply all" button. This was a very useful feature. I hope it hasn't been deleted in the newer version of software. 

rossco_j by Apprentice
  • 13 replies

Canon Connect

Canon Connect (IOS) is difficult to use in comparison to EOS Utility on desktop. CC makes it difficult (impossible?) to transfer RAW images (forces JPG transfer - before I just updated the app I could transfer one RAW at a time....) EOS Utility enabl...

ronfucci by Contributor
  • 5 replies

EOS Utility software disconnected due to AC transient

Hi Canon community, I'm Chee from Malaysia, currently having the issue to resolve Canon EOS Ultility software disconnections due to AC transient.  I have recorded a video to describe the above mentioned issue.

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