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Resolved! DPP 4 Suddenly not showing folders

Hi, I use DPP on a daily basis. Nothing has changed on my computer since I ran it yesterday and everything was working fine. I have loaded it today and I have lost the folders from the left hand side. I cannot see anywhere to get this back.  Please c...

SamC123 by Contributor
  • 10 replies

Format is not supported

I’m starting a youtube channel and i’ve just filmed and down loaded the videos onto my phone. i have to keep pressing record and stop so that i won’t get a message that the format isn’t supported. the video that doesn’t download is a kind’ve long cli...

DPP 4.11.02 crashing randomly on Windows 7 x64bit

I had an older version, not sure exactly which one, indeed was prior than 4.10.20 since I remember when it came out I found it very unstable on editing specific CR2 files.So I turned back to the old version which never crashed and I kept using it unt...

DPP 4.10, 4.11 still problem with filter panel - why?

I don't remeber but 4.8. was last version when the filter panel works ok. Now filtering by aperture or somethink diferent than Lens, camera, time is impossible, or somethimes is not active.Canon let's go - fix this problem. Or maybe is another free p...

szwayko by Apprentice
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DPP 4.10.40 crash

I have downloaded the latest version (as of 8/15/19) of DPP 4 in the hopes it would fix the crash on edit image issue, but the same problem occurs.  In fact, it happens with ALL available versions of DPP.  I am on Win 8.1 64 - ANyone having the same ...

GP1 by Apprentice
  • 15 replies

EOS Lens Registration Tool not working with my EOS RP

I try to add EF 85mm F1.8 USM profile to my EOS RP by using Canon EOS Lens Registration Tool. But after connect my camera to my laptop and run EOS Lens Registration Tool, it's alway showing this error So, I'm using this tool with my laptop that runin...


Resolved! GP-E2 not seen by software

I recently purchased a GP-E2 for geo-tagging my photos. I get great results when I fit the unit directly to the hot-shoe. I get good results when I connect the unit to the camera via the USB cables. My problem begins when I set the unit to "Log" with...

DPP 4.11.1 Mac and Angle Adjustments

When using the slider or mouse on the picture, the mac version only adjusts the pictures in whole increments of degrees.  The Windows version does not limit you to a whole degree which allows tilting the picture must faster.Any ideas?Russell

ru_bunky by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

Camera Connect failed to save images

 Camera Connect App Version: (build 967)IOS version: 12.1 The phone is able to connect to camera, and images on camera can be displayed. However it failed to save images to phone. I tried the followings but not work. - Delete and reinstall ...

ccoy by Apprentice
  • 16 replies

DPP3 far outperforms DPP4 (an ISO invariance experiment)

Everyone seems pretty much happy with DPP4. I'm not. A simple ISO-invariance experiment, performed with an EOS 1200D, shows tremendous detail loss when the same .CR2 images are processed with DPP4 compared with DPP3. My procedure is simple: shooting ...

+1 EV +2EV
Stemanz by Apprentice
  • 10 replies

Resolved! ZommBrowser Ex Image import failed with runtime error

ZoomBrowser Ex image import tool (mcu.exe) crashes with runtime error after selecting images and clicking the download button.MCU.exe caused c++ library to terminate unexpectedly. I am using zoom browser 1.5.2 with windows 10. Maybe last windows upda...

netsrac by Apprentice
  • 5 replies
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