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Resolved! Using DPP in workflow with other photo software

I learned from a Canon Live Learning instructor that it is a good idea to first open a RAW file using DPP, and then saving it in a lossless format (for example TIFF) and then continuiing in the editing workflow with the file that was saved.  This is ...

DanSF by Contributor
  • 14 replies

EOS Utility 3 Settings Grayed Out

I have updated the latest EOS Utility, 3.5.10 on my Mac.  When I plug in my Canon 6D, all 3 items on the main page are highlighted, but when I click on Camera Settings, all the settings are grayed out and I can't click on them. Any ideas? Thanks! 

Screen Shot EOS Utility Gray Settings
Amoviel by Apprentice
  • 7 replies

updated to DPP version 4.8.30

Hellow! few day ago i updated my DPP4 to the last version.I did it because the where 2 problems - 1. the program didn't used the screen card well:(Evan though i bought it for this reason.... I bought the Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1050 Ti because he has bi...

elyshama by Apprentice
  • 4 replies

DPP 4.6.10 Auto Gamma Adjust - Insufficient Memory

I have one image where selecting Auto under Gamma Adjust results in "Insufficient Memory" with a forced close.It is only this one image I have experienced this issue out of 300+ images I have edited with this version of DPP.Do you want me to upload t...

dpp-auto gamma bug.PNG

DPP 4.6.10 Angle bug

I have some photos where I rotate and crop the image.But, when I return to the Image adjustment page, the image is only cropped, not rotated.If I re-enter the Crop and Rotate tool, the image is shown both with rotation and cropping.Am I doing somethi...

dpp-rotate bug 01.PNG dpp-rotate bug 02.PNG
hdohlmann by Contributor
  • 25 replies

Resolved! Canon 1dx mrkii won't connect to computer.

My new canon 1dx markii arrived today so I downloaded the eos utility supplied so that I could load some custom picture styles and all went smoothly. I connected my camera successfully to the eos utility and successfully loaded my custom picture prof...

Resolved! Cannot view jpg's in DPP 4

Hi.. This is recent.  I work in RAW export to TIFF, open them in photoshop CS5 and finish them as jpegs.  Up until last month (September 2018) when I opened any directory with CR2, TIFF and jpgs in DPP 4. 8. 30 ALL the files had usable thumbnails. I ...

cdmazoff by Contributor
  • 4 replies

How much time do you spend in Photoshop?

I won't hijack the other guy's thread asking if there is a stigma attached to using Photoshop (no idea where he would get that idea anyway). But I am curious about how much time people spend in Ps to begin with. I don't have Ps, but I do use Gimp (ra...

John_SD by Whiz
  • 19 replies

Resolved! DPP for phones

On The New Screensavers podcast, they said that Canon is putting out DPP for IOS and Android.Anybody seen it yet ?  If not, does anyone know when it will be out ?

6D Mark II Timelapse .mov and Adobe Premiere CS5

Hello, I have an older version of Adobe Premiere (CS5). I'm unable to import the .mov timelapse video from my 6D mark ii into the software. Is there a way to save the .mov into another, or older, format so that I can get it into Adobe Premiere CS5?  ...

Camera Connect App User Guide

Where is the User Guide for the Camera Connect App? Also, why doesn't his app transfer images with the location information? That being said, I have successfully installed and used the app with my G7X. My informal User Guide for using this app is as ...

npsit by Contributor
  • 114 replies

Do you delete your CR2s?

What do you all do with your CR2s after you've worked them, applied edits and so forth and finally created your JPGs that you're satisfied with? For all practical purposes, let's say that you are done with your CR2 files. I've been keeping my CR2 fil...

John_SD by Whiz
  • 14 replies

Bugs in DPP

I have been using DPP 4 for a while. I've discovered a number of apparent defects. The nature of them are in many cases so annoying that I am surprised that, as far as I can see, no one has reported them.  Is it possible I am the only one experiencin...

psgguy by Contributor
  • 9 replies
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