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M50 Mark II with 1.0.4 Firmware

Hi Canon Community,I recently purchased a Canon M50 Mark II and it comes with 1.0.4 firmware.  I noticed that Canon US has up to the firmware 1.0.3.  How it this possible? I did my research and it looks like that firmware exists in SouthEast Asia?   ...

Ixim by Contributor
  • 13 replies

Feature Request - Canon DPP - Add Save As DNG

Feature Request for Canon's DPP software. Please add the ability to save as a DNG so that when we take the file into another software, we can continue to edit the raw file as opposed to editing the tiff.Thanks

Canon Digital Photo Pro for Mac

I recently purchased a Canon EOS R6 Mark II, and would like to download Digital Photo Professional for my Mac, running macOS 13.1.  I can't seem to find a copy, and it looks like the Canon web site is only showing the Digital Photo Professional Expre...

rtbanke by Contributor
  • 10 replies

EOS Utility Support for EOS R5 RAW Files

I have the EOS Utility on my old Mac running OS X 10.7.5 that worked for my 5D Mark III. I note that it works for my new R5 when I shoot in .jpg, but not when I shoot RAW. Is there a EOS Utility version that I can get on this Mac that will allow me t...

johndd by Contributor
  • 4 replies

Capture Error on my Computer for my Canon Rebel T8i

Hi there, I'm using DragonFrame software for doing stop motion. I have my Canon connected (wired) to my computer. It's not allowing me to take any more photos and giving me this error (screenshot attached)My question is: If I'm recording my shots to ...

Screenshot 2023-03-07 at 7.41.10 PM.png

EOS Utility & Focus Peaking

Is there a way to enable focus peaking when using live view in the EOS utility?  I'm using a 42" display to help my 70 year old eyesight when focus stacking @ 5x (MP-E65).  Unfortunately I only have a manual focusing rail and using rear screen on the...

DPP4 Crash after update

I have used DPP4 for many years. When I upgrade to either V16.11 or V17.10 from V12.60 it immediately crashes on open. If I uninstall V16.11 or V 17.10 and reinstall V 12.60 it works. I have cleaned the registry after uninstall etc etc. Windows 10, i...

apk2 by Contributor
  • 11 replies

DPP4 Editing Controls Grayed Out

So I've downloaded DPP4 and I'm trying to edit my photos for the first time and when I click on a photo and hit edit most of the editing controls are grayed out and I cant use them. I'm not sure what I did wrong? Any help would be appreciated! 

Transfer Photos to Windows 11 Laptop from ELPH 360 HS

My wife recently bought a Powershot ELPH360 HS, After listening to the long video of how to transfer photos I went to the Canon site and on choosing Windows 11 it appears that it is not supported. That is unbelievable. Will choosing Windows 10 work? ...

Gunner17 by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

EOS Utility Live View Blurry

Hi everyone, I've recently bought a Canon EOS 6D mark ii with a Canon EF 35mm F2.0 lens. I've tethered the camera and tried out the Live View option in EOS Utility 3. This works but I am presented with a horribly blurry live view. However, when I tak...

orange test sharper.jpg

Canon Connect App Says No Wi-Fi Connection

I am unable to connect to the Canon Connect app. I have used it in the past with minor problems. However, each time I go to connect, the WiFi connect to my iPhone for a few seconds before saying “no WiFi connection.” The app is fully updated, my came...

Emmi7842 by Apprentice
  • 5 replies
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