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SmugMug Showing Incorrect EXIF Data for RF 100-300 F2.8 Lens


After importing CR3 image shot on Canon R3 with RF 100-300 F2.8 into Lr, post processing, and then uploading to SmugMug via plugin I've noticed the Lens information is not correctly showing on SmugMug. Upon investigation with various EXIF viewers, it appears the EXIF Lens Type being recorded in CR3 file is 'Canon RF 50 1.2 or Other', however;

  • Lens Model, Lens ID EXIF fields are correctly showing Canon 100-300 F.28
  • Lightroom is correctly showing Canon 100-300 F2.8 in Metadata
  • SmugMug is reporting a long list of 100-400, 100-500 options 

I conclude the lens/camera combo is not 100% accurately being recorded in the EXIF




 Probably the reason. EF lenses use LensType. For RF lenses the LensType nr is 61182. When LensType = 61182 -> RFLensType which for RF100-300 without teleconverter is 306.

I guess SmugMug just reads LensType=61182 and not RFLensType, but all RF lenses share that nr and at the moment there are around 40 lens combinations. RF50/1.2 is the first lens in the list with RFLensType 257.

The tag LensModel is written in plain language. It is useful to fallback at for EF lens combinations with only one LensType nr. For example EF800, EF800+x1.4, EF800+X2, EF800+x1.4III and EF800+x2III. All of them share the LensType nr 249.

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