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Color off on Canon Mark IV


Hi Guys,  I have owned a Canon Mark III since around 2012.  I have always been very happy with it.  I added the Mark IV to my arsenal last December.  I have mostly been shooting with the Mark IV since then and having the Mark III as a backup.  I really loved the mark IV when I first got it, it seems to get increasingly worse over time.  Around the late spring early summer I started noticing in my raw files that blown out high lights were showing a very pink cast.  I went back and found nearly identical iimages shot on my mark III at an earlier time at the same location with almost same blown hightlights and no pink cast what so ever.  I have felt for month like when I go in to edit my images that I have having to do dramatically more tweaks (like nearly every single slider in lightroom) on every image to get anything I am remotely happy with (not even thrilled with).  I use the same import standard preset to give basic adjustments to my raw files that I have used in the past with my mark III and the results are completly different.  


I finally sent the camera into canon ( I am a CPS member) in August complaining of the Pink/ magenta issue.  They sent it back stating the following "Your product has been examined and it was found that the adjustment of the imaging sensor assembly was incorrect and causing the image could not be displayed properly.  Electrical adjustments were carried out on the imaging sensor assembly.  The unit was cleaned and product functions were confirmed. 


Since receiving it back I really feel like now its leaning in the green direction, but..... I am still struggling massively with getting anything that looks good.  


I just rented another Mark IV body from lensrental on Friday.  I did a test comparision today with My Mark III, My Mark IV and the rented Mark IV.  You can see in the images attached the images are one set of three with my import standard and no other adjustments made, the next three are imported SOOC and exported as Jpegs.  There is clear evidence here that my mark III and the rented Mark IV are very similar in color.  


Is anyone experiencing similar issues.  I feel like i am going crazy, but I had basically every image I shoot with my mark IV.  Could this be a bigger issue and the camera needs to be replaced??? 


These images are all shot with the same lens and exact same manual settings, ISO, SS, A, and WB.  I did this test with every lens I own and each of the three bodies all on same settings .  The results are very similar for all.  



I would love to hear some thoughts or any advise.  I don't claim any of these to be a perfect image but simply showing the side by side comparision of same lens and all same settings with three different bodies. 


Mark III std import applied.jpgMark IV std import applied.jpgRented Mark IV std import.jpgMark III SOOC.jpgMark IV SOOC.jpgRented Mark IV SOOC.jpg


I don't know what the equivalent is in LR, but in DPP I'd start by doing a "Click white balance" on the white of the subject's eyes.


I doubt that there's anything wrong with your camera. I see very little differences among your images (Which is which, BTW?), but all of them seem a bit on the red side to me. The 5D3 and the 5D4 use a different sensor, so a slight difference in color rendition wouldn't surprise me. But whatever difference there may be looks easily correctable.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA


Do you feel that the WB is not properly calibrated?  The camera does allow you to make micro adjustments to WB.  I am not sure how well that would work under different lighting conditions.  So, I have never explored changing the default settings.


But, like AFMA, if the body is consistently leaning in one direction, then you might want to explore that option.

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Well right off, she is a doll.   Smiley Happy


It is impossible to show slight color error examples to all the folks here on the forum.  All our monitors are different most likely. I agree with Robert. I don't think there is anything wrong.  Two different sensors.  Completely correctable in LR. 


Let's understand Raw for a moment. You can not view a Raw file.  It is not an image as a jpg is.  There is no WB with Raw.  In fact there isn't anything with Raw except exposure. The images you see are interpretations that LR or whatever viewer you use decides.  Right or wrong.

DPP is probably the most accurate Raw converter since it is from Canon.  Canon does not document how their Raw files work. Plus the Raw file from a Mk III and a Mk IV don't work the same way. Even though they share .cr2 extension!  LR has to figure out reverse engineer how to do that conversion.  There is bound to be difference.  Make sense?


Forget it, don't look back and go make some more beautiful pictures and make your edits in LR as usual.


EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!

1. If you mouse over the images the file names appear.


2. I downloaded SOOC for Mark III, Mark IV and Rental. In Lightroom I did a white balance on the white of the eye.


2018-10-19 (3).png


I think its just a case of different white balance "calculations" in the different bodies, since they all look the same using the white of the eye as a target site.

John Hoffman
Conway, NH

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