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Editing CR3 images in Linux

It seems like Canon has neither provided a codec to read the CR3 format, nor released DPP4 for Linux. I am stuck with a 90D and raw images I can't edit. Help?

Unable to view raw files

I bought a new Canon EOS Rebel T8i camera in August.  I am just getting around to taking pictures in raw format.  I copied the pictures, from the memory card,  to my computer and then went to view, but was unable to open them.  I then went to Canon s...

Resolved! Digital Photo Professional (DPP) 4.5.X is slow (performance)

I would love to continue to use DPP for its color output. But, where I am struggling with is its slowness to process RAW files. Loading of the RAW files is slow and I cannot tell when my minor corrections are applied to the image (there is no indicat...

raviballa by Contributor
  • 88 replies

DPP4 Multiple versions of the same file?

I'm often trying to export slightly different versions of the same raw image. The most common usage is for me to output different resolutions for printing, Facebook and Instagram. I know of two ways that work but neither is ideal. I don't think I've ...

plattyaj by Apprentice
  • 6 replies

batch converting eos HEIF files to jpg

Hello EOS world! Once again I accidentally turned ON HEIF saving versus JPG and now have 400+ HEIF files to convert to JPG. Sure, it's possible in-camera on my R5 BUT one file at a time? Have DLed a few apps to work on the PC but they fail miserably....

EOS Utility Works, but Win10 doesn’t see it?

Hello there, I'm a brand new Canon 90D customer and I'm in love with this camera! I run it on a fairly no-frills config, a Dell XPS 15 laptop, with Windows 10/64. All drivers are up to date, and system updates run automatically. For some reason my EO...

Canon M50 Firmware rollback

I bought my M50 about 4 months ago, and my DJI Ronin SC maybe a month or two after. I tried to get the two to talk several times, and eventually found the information buried pretty deep in the substrate of the interwebs that the DJI Ronin SC will not...

EOS Webcam Utility for Mac OS

Hi, I owna. Canon T3i Rebel Camera and I want to stream live on Youtube. When installed the EOS utility webcam to my MAC, I was told to restart my computer. Once I did it, I can't find the actual download installation anymore. HELPPlease?

Continuously Disconnects/Reconnects before freezing- EOS Utlity

Hi there,  Thank you for taking the time to read this and potentially responding.  Essentially I'm having issues connecting my EOS 70D to my computer for streaming purposes.  Everytime I turn the camera on while tethered into my pc, or tether it to m...

DCXA by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Resolved! Canon camera and macOS Big Sur

I can not import anymore my photos (tooken with my Canon Rebel T7i) to my Mac Book Pro since the last version of macOS have been installed (macOS Big Sur 11.1). I have asked Apple about this problem on their Apple community forum, link here:https://d...

Yvente by Contributor
  • 22 replies

DPP 4 searching by file name

OK so am I being dumb? But is there a way to search for a photograph by it's file name? I've looked and looked for a search option but can't seem to see one. Hope someone can help as it's driving me mad having to scroll through a huge folder to find ...

Can't adjust aspect ratio in DPP4

I do my initial editing in DPP4 and the first thing I do is change aspect ratio to "Free". But tonight I cannot change aspect ratio, seems to be greyed out.  Any ideas what I am doing wrong, must have changed a setting without noticing. Never been ab...

Lundavra by Enthusiast
  • 5 replies
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