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Resolved! Firmware Version 1.8.1 for EOS R5

Today I received an email from Canon USA advising me that firmware version 1.8.1 is available for the EOS R5. I followed the link to download it, and when I entered my OS (Win11), the only firmware available is version 1.7.0, which is already install...

Firmware: R5 v1.8.1 now available

Greetings,Pixel shift has come to the R5 in FW version 1.8.1.I had a chance to check this out myself and the detail is awesome.  Pixel shift is not for everyone. as the files can be rather large.  If you want to see it for yourself, install v1.8.1 an...


I've had my R5 for awhile and this canon app. Downloading to iPhone via wifi or bluetooth has been ATROCIOUS. Now before people start with all the "troubleshoot solutions"... Everything update wise, IOS wise, app update wise, wifi and cell connection...

jw74 by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

iOS DppExpress select all feature

Is there a way to select all photos in DppExpress on the iphone? I take a lot of photos in a given day and enjoy the mobile workflow from dppexpress to lightroom mobile. But deleting photos after import is painful, you have to select each one individ...

EOS R5 firmware update, can't open folder

I am trying to update the firmware on my Canon r5, have downloaded the updated firmware, but cannot open the folder and cannot update my camera.  I am seeing conflicting instructions on how to update. 

BobArcand by Contributor
  • 10 replies

DPP4 V4.17.20.0 Will Not Convert CR3 images to JPG

Just downloaded DPP4. Running on a Windows 10 PC. When attempting to convert CR3 images to JPG, DPP processes to 5%, then closes the process window with no output. DPP4 does not crash, but no output files are saved. I rebooted the PC and ran DPP4 wit...

Resolved! DPP Instructions for cropping and pasting images

I'm cropping images in Digital Photo Professional and pasting into a new image but can't find the instructions.  Found several "manuals" but haven't found how I paste them into a new image; or how to just save the cropped portion of the ima...

Resolved! Raw file support for Linux

Hi All,I have an R7 and a friend has an R10. he cannot display his raw files on his Linux computer, are there and anyyprograms for Linux  to allow displaying the Raw files?I have no issue wikt my R7 however I am using Windows 11Thanks very much

Alrozski by Contributor
  • 9 replies


When sing my m50 DSLR and EOS 2.0... my feed FREEZES. Its really bad. I have upgraded and updated everything including firmware. I had to buy another camera so I could work. I could revert back to 1.0 (which i may do) but this is a short term fix... ...

mcassara by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Resolved! New laptop and odd designation of photos

Been trying to master the new Lenovo laptop which has W11. I found the Adobe PSE 2021 download. So I downloaded it. Everything looks OK so far. On W10, the photos on File Explorer were separated as XXXX.CR2 and XXXX.jpg photos. Now when I click on fi...

Resolved! EOS Utility for T3i

I'm am hoping to find a download of teh EOS Utility software for the T3i Rebel.  While its been a long time since I last used it, I've replaced my laptop and it doesn't have a DVD drive it in so I can't use my disk to restore the application.  Any su...

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