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How do I export "flat" render from Canon VR footage with Premiere Pro


I have footage from my Canon R5C using the VR dual fisheye lens.  I converted it in the EOS VR Utility and loaded it into Premiere Pro.  I hit the "Toggle VR Video Display" and I get a flat square render with two controls for the camera angle (which I assume I can key frame).  What I'd like to do is to export a video with this rendering -- just a flat "normal" render without the VR effect so that people can watch it without a VR headset.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Greetings pedz,

Canon does offer the plugin to allow users to import footage shot with the dual fisheye lens to a third-party application, but we recommend on reaching out to Adobe for assistance on rendering inquiries for Premiere Pro. They would be able to help you further with your rendering questions and I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Thank you.  I have similar threads posted in about 4 different places including the Premiere Pro forum on the Adobe site.  Also on Reddit, StackExchange, etc.  So far, no replies.

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