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Cinema RAW Development won't open folders

Cinema RAW Development won't open any bottom level folders so obviously I cannot even see the RAW or RAW light files. It will tunnel down to folders containing files but go no farther. I have a Canon R3 and an R5. I am running a 2021 16" MacBook pro ...

Resolved! EOS Rebel SL2 Camera Connect App not working with bluetooth

the first time I tried to connect my camera (Rebel SL2) with bluetooth to the camera connect app via bluetooth to my phone (android) worked perfectly, so it is so absolutely frustrating that after turning the camera off a few times, the connection se...

G7x Mark III not showing image on eos webcam utility

After i re-install my PC my canon g7x mark iii not showing any images on obs only eos Webcam Utility text. It was working perfectly fine before i reinstall my windows. after googling the problems i think my pc didnt recognize it as a webcam. its dete...

Untitled.png 310298640_10221968534823426_7740711184016239061_n.jpg

Resolved! EOS Rebel T6 - can not connect to Webcam Utility

Hello I am unable to connect to Skype using the webcam utility on a Mac (Monterey Version 12.6).  These are the steps that I have taken so far. 1. Disabled the wifi connection.  2. Updated the firmwear to version 1.2.03. Disabled the EOS Utility so t...

shushu80 by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

PS, PSE 2021, Lightroom differences

I bought PSE 2021 a few years ago and it has served me well so far with my limited skills and still learning. Is regular PS a step above PSE 2021 with more features for editing? What role is Lightroom in the scheme of things here? Might spring for a ...

Moving DPP 4 to a new computer

I'd like to find an easy way to copy all settings, layouts, lenses, etc to a new computer rather than trying to recreate all my environment and settings. Can this be done? Thanks.

in4m8n by Enthusiast
  • 20 replies

DPP frequently crashes

I'm using DPP 4.x for a long time (starting with 3.x long time ago) without stability problems and I'm regularly updating it.However since I updated to 4.16.11 it frequently crashes while editing an image. It crashes randomly right after a mouse clic...

dpp4user by Contributor
  • 5 replies
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