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Remote Control (EOS Utility) Option not showing up and video importing failure


So I have an EOS Rebel T7 and I'm trying to connect to my desktop computer via Wi-Fi since I don't have the right USB cord to do it manually. The only problem is that the Remote Control (Eos Utility) option is not showing up on my camera. I have the EOS Utility downloaded on my PC so I know it cant be something with that. If anyone knows why this function is not showing up on my camera, please let me know.

The next issue I am having is that everytime I film a video on the camera, it never imports. This is on my phone on the canon connect app. I am getting a message about how the video failed to export to my photos and then getting another message about how the movie format is not available. Oddly enough it is importing images to my photos just fine but not videos. If anyone knows whats going on with that, please let me know. I appreciate any help!


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello HenryC2006,

The wireless feature of the EOS Rebel T7 allows you to do a certain number of things. This camera does not support transferring or remotely shooting images to a computer via WIFI, unfortunately. You can do those things by connecting the camera to the computer with Interface Cable IFC-200PCU. Basically, that's just a Canon USB cable, which you don't necessarily have to have the Canon brand name specifically. You can use a locally purchased cable from any retail electronic shop. In terms of transferring your videos to your phone, .MOV files shot with EOS cameras cannot be saved using the app unfortunately. You may need to transfer them to a computer first and try emailing them. The file size could prohibit that though depending on how long the clips are. 

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