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Camera Connect not Working with 5d mk4


The app updated and now I can not connect to my camera. I get as far as connecting to the camera's Wi-Fi but it will not go past that point. Can I roll back to a previous version of camera connect?


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi consci,

I'm sorry to hear you're unable to connect your camera after you updated the Canon Camera Connect app. There is not a way to roll back to the previous version of the app. One thing to try would be to clear the wifi settings on the camera and try setting up a fresh connection. If the wifi settings on the camera haven't been cleared yet it could still be trying to connect to the old version of the app.

To clear the wifi settings go to the fourth page under the yellow wrench icon, select Communication Settings, choose Built-in Wireless Settings, and select Clear Settings. Once you've done that go back into Built-in Wireless Settings and enable the wifi. When you do that the camera will have you set a nickname. Make sure to add or change some characters so that the nickname is different from what it was previously. Once you've done that try reconnecting the camera and smartphone.


I could not clear settings as it was blacked out and could not choose it. I did change the nickname but it still a no go.20230309_194345.jpg20230309_194406.jpgScreenshot_20230309_194527_Camera Connect.jpg

I am having exactly the same problem as above. I noticed that you didn't get an answer to fix your problem.  Is there a way of connecting to the canon 5d MK4?




Based on what I'm seeing above the user had a nickname on his camera (SSPHOTO1) set, and a saved profile (SHANECAM-219_CanonOA) saved on his Canon Connect App which do not match.  My recommendation would be to reset network settings on the camera and forget the saved profile on in the CC App and perform repairing. 

If you are having the "same" problem it's likely related to the different names.  I suspect however, your issue is unrelated.  Because this thread is approx a year old, I suggest that you start a new thread with information about your particular situation, hardware, mobile device type, OS, etc.  This ensures your issue get the visibility it deserves.  Thanks in advance.

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