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Windows 10 with a fast processor, fast GPU, 64Gig RAM, two 1TB SSDs.  Default directory selected to have no images.DPP still gives me a busy cursor most of the time.  What a crap piece of software.  It does everything I want, but the usability stinks...
I will be using an EF 100mm Macro lens on an R6.   I want to buy extension tubes for this combo.  Does it matter if I put RF tubes on the camera or EF tubes on the lens?  The EF tubes are a bit less expensive.
My R6 has firmware version 1.4.  Canon released several updates.  Do I need to load each in succession or can I just install the latest version 1.5.2 ?   I am prettry sure I can just do the latest, but I am checking just in case.Thanks,
How long does it take to get an order out?   I ordered a camera Saturday and had hoped for shipment today.   Ah well.
When I put the lens in my cart, an offer popped up for me to add caps.  Does that mean refurb lenses come without caps.  That doesn't seem right.Thanks