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DPP 4.4.30 question

I believe there was once a time I could go into Tools - AF point display settings and select - "show only AF points in focus" and when I opened any image only the AF point/s in focus would appear. It was a global change. With 4.4.30 I set to "show on...

digital by Rising Star
  • 2 replies

Taking pictures of warehouse individual stock items

 Hi - I was wondering if anyone can help me with a problem I have?: I work for a comany that is moving to sell stock online and so we need to take pictures of each item we have in stock (Circa 7000 items) and each item has a unique part number - I wa...

mcfcmav by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

eos utility problem

Hello to all,I just recently bought a Canon 5D mark iii. I downloaded EOS Digital Solution Disk ver.28.5 . When I click on the Icon it says EOS utility has stopped working.  My laptop is a Windows 8.1. I did update the firmware on my camera to versio...

basjud18 by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

New release of DPP 4 supports older Rebels

Hooray!! Canon has FINALLY issued a release of Digital Photo Professional Version 4 that claims to support the Rebel T2i. Of course that's after I bought my wife a 7D Mark II because I was tired of having to edit her pictures with DPP V3. 

How can I get a newer version of EOS Utilities?

I have not had any success on Canon's website.  The download menu does not accept this choice - it's set up for equipment.  The version I have is 2.12, which dates back to about 2011.  I even tried to log in to my Canon account, but the window box wo...

RAW Linear to Picture Style Standart

Hi,I'm creating RAW TIFF Linear file from CR2. If I apply sRGB curve to it in photoshop and save it as JPEG. My result does not match JPEG created from DPP with Standart Style.Question: Does Picture Style applies special curve to achive final result?...

lk by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

Map Utility missing

HiI recently bought the T5i and I purchased as well the gps locator GP-E2I have install the relevant software to my Macbook pro ( Snow Lion 10.8 edition) but it seems that I cannot find anywhere the map utility (if any) From what I read to the forum,...

Resolved! Problem with PhotoStitch (on OS X) when saving pictures

Hi, I have a problem with PhotoStitch (version 3.2.6, currently under Mac OS X 10.9 but the problem has already existed under 10.8), which makes the software completely useless. Stitching photos together works without problem. But when I save a stitc...

Screenshot PhotoStitch
dee7kay by Apprentice
  • 19 replies

Image Browser > Movie Edit on Mac OS X 10.9.5

I just installed Image Browser on a Mac with Mavericks OS. When I try to start Movie Edit I get an error that a Quicktime component needed to trun the Movie Edit task is missing. I have both Quicktime X and Quicktime player 7.6.6 installed.  I can ru...

Limmie by Enthusiast
  • 0 replies
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