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Resolved! Connecting G9x to MacBook Pro

I bought a g9x a couple of weeks ago - I want to connect it to my MacBook Pro to use it as a screen (to use Utility software) while I take videos. The camera did not come with any cables as I can transfer pictures thru WiFi - but to use Canon Utility...

Resolved! Image Transfer Utility "has stopped working"

Hello, It's been a week or so now that everytime I try to launch my "Image Transfer Utility", it crashes at launch and Windows gives me the message : Canon Utilities Image Transfer Utility has stopped working This means I can't transfer my pictures t...

Pedrof by Contributor
  • 8 replies

DDP Does not recognise 8-15 Fisheye

HAd a friend send me some raw files caputred on a 350D using the 8-15mm F4 L Fisheye lens . Even after downloading the Lens correction data for this lens DPP does not recognise that it has this lens correction data in its database. What gives?

peter460 by Contributor
  • 5 replies

5ds Grey Screen when Using EOS Utility

I've been using my 5ds in live view mode on my imac with EOS utility. All of a sudden one day, both my 5ds and 5d mark III will only show up with a grey screen in eos utility  when I open live view mode. I fixed it by deleting the software and reinst...

Can't Download EOS Utility for Mac OSX Sierra

Hello! I have a EOS 5D Mark II and using MAC OSX Sierra, buy I can't use EOS Utility. If I use the solution disk, at the end of the installation process it says error code=9 but I can see EOS Utility is installed. But when I open it, it doesn't conne...

Eos auto download images

Is there a way to have the eos utility software auto download images i protect in the camera? i currently use a wifi card for events and when i protect the images in the camera it auto sends it to the computer, BUT in the eos utility i have to click ...

PS CC 2017 and Canon Print Studio Pro

Hi mates, Since I updated to CC2017 I'm no more able to use Canon Print Studio Pro (latest 2.1 for Mac).Actually is no more present in the Automate menu, and even if I try to reinstall the plugin I receive an error  (Impossible to create a folder + I...

Chiotas by Contributor
  • 12 replies

Bug - EOS Utility 2 not switching to Bridge on Win 10

I use a Lenovo ThinkCentre Edge desktop at work running Windows 10 Professional x64 build 15063.413, EOS Utility, Rebel T5i, Adobe Bridge CC 2017 x64. Bridge and EOS Utility running in separate desktops using Task View. I have sele...

DxO Oprtics 11

Free offer of DxO Oprtics 11 expires in less than 3 weeks.  This might be a saver for those that don't want to rent the new Lightroom.  It supports cameras including the 1Dx Mk II.  It is free for a short time. It is at this address

ebiggs1 by Legend
  • 2 replies

Resolved! DPP 4 Lens Data problem

I'm having an odd problem with DPP v4.7.20.0, I shot 19 images with a 7DII + 100-400mm II but 4 of these images are showing Lens data : Not Available, it seems the camera didn't save the data to the raw file, what could be the cuase of this?Just to a...

jm2 by Contributor
  • 7 replies

Resolved! 80D and Lightroom

I have a new 80D and have downloaded a free trial on LR Classic CC.  I'm unable to import the .CR2 files.  Says they are not recognised.  Having a problem talking with Adobe support to find out whether the version to buy is compatible.   Any advice? 

DPP 4.7.2 installer crashes on OS X Sierra

Running Sierra 10.12.6.  Had DPP 3.15 installed on it for several years and its always worked. Tonight I downloaded DPP 4.7 and when installing, it says unpacking files but the installer never starts.  So, to get around it, I installed the software o...

amstel78 by Apprentice
  • 3 replies
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