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Hello . Since I update the Canon DPP4 and Utility 3 and then my Canon 5D IV unable to pair with my Windows 10 PC.I deleted the software, restart my PC and re download but no luck. Now I connected my camera to the PC via USB 3 cable, But the Utility s...
Hi all, Is there any accessory  like a piece of soft plastic / rubber ring to slide in for covering the exposed screws after remove the tripod collar on the Canon 70-200 F2.8 III ? Thank you for your comments.  
Hi all,When resting my DSLR attached with IS lens in the backpack / toploader for hiking, should I need to turn OFF lens IS or keep it ON ?Thank you for your response.
Hi all, Does the Lexar 128GB Professional UHS-II SDXC Memory Card compatible to Canon 5D IV ?Your comments are greatly appreciated.  
Hi all, Does it  must be in manual mode when video shooting 4k with C-Log on ?Is there any different shooting 4K C-Log  with (1) Scene Intelligent Auto or (2) Program AE  ?Thanks for your comments.  
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