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pass-through recording with Canon ZR25

I have an older Canon ZR25.  Is it capable of pass-through recording from a VCR?  I can plug the VCR to the camera, and the camera to the computer via the firewire, but can't get anything to work.  Is my only option to actually record the VCR tape on...

Canon A1 Hi 8 camera.

I have an older (1989) Canon A1 Hi 8 video camera. The videocassette compartment door will not shut.Is there an easy fix for this problem?

seafms by Apprentice
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How do I connect my Vixia HFs200 to either a PC or a MAC

Hi, I have both a Windows PC and a Mac.  I want to be able to edit my movies.  I am trying to find the cable i need to get to connect my camera to the computers.  It's crazy how difficult Canon makes this.  I won't be buying another Camera from them ...

invictus by Apprentice
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XF305 and CF Card Playback

I am looking at transitioning to the XF305 video camera from the XL-H1S that I am currently using. Before I make this transition I need to know whether there is a way to immediately playback footage onto a TV. This is essential since the video I shoo...


This camera isn't even listed at the Canon camera museum;) But I'd like to have a manual or one for a UCS2, neither are listed on the canon USA support site. Perhaps they are availablke at an ftp site from canon? If anybody knows, thanks in advance. ...

HFM400 image stabalizer issue.

I have used my refirbished HFM400 to record about 5 live music shows.  The image quality is excellent, but my issue is with the image stabalizer.  I have the camcorder on a midsize tripod placed on a rather stable table.  After trying all three image...

Resolved! Camcorder issue

Hello, can anyone tell me how to upload just the videos I want to from my hfm52 camcorder to my computer? every time I plug in it uploads all the videos which I already did.

Stopped working!!

 I have a VIXIA HFM41 camcorder. Suddenly stopped working.I turn on the camera. It begins to access the built-in memory (I can see the red led "Access"). Then this red led is off and no image is displayed on the LCD screen but is seems to be on. Like...

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