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My new Canon HF R400 makes clicking sound on playback. Canon replaced but still clicking sound. Same

New Contributor

Clicking sound on playback so annoying on most clips that I mute sound which is not the way I want my video to play. When I contacted Canon teck support they replaced but replacement has same problem. Either a terrible coincidence or something I'm doing wong. Please advise.


Respected Contributor

Hi starwatcher!


Thanks for posting.


Try setting the camcorder on a tripod or a flat stable surface, then turn the Image Stabilizer off in the menu under [Other Settings] > HF R400 - Menu Tab 2.png > [Image Stabilizer].


When you record new video after doing both things above, do you still hear the clicking noise?


If this is a time sensitive-matter, additional support options are available at Contact Us.

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Thank you, Mike,

I did not reply until time to fully try your suggestion plus all sorts of other setting options and made approx. 20 trial recordings. Always hearing clicking on playback unless audio turned down to practically mute.

Wishing  repair for my Elura 2 still available. Only improvement in the Vixia was built in lens cover--oh and smaller,lighter battery& charger. Lots of bells and whistles but end product can't compare to the 100s of DVDs  I've made and enjoyed unless I can overcome audio issues.

Are there electrical things that interfere? Problem is on occasional clips don't hear clicking but impossible to predict and eliminate external sources since I take videos in numerous countries and settings so need my camera to be capable and predictable.

Again thank you for any help. S.