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Canon VIXIA HF R400 Clicking Noise on Playback


I emailed support yesterday and got no answer. It's past 8-12hrs the automated system says support will respond within. My cam has been exhibiting a clicking noise upon playback.


I can illustrate it in two different videos I've uploaded to YouTube. It happens on every video I shoot.

1) "NFL McDonald’s Coke History of Super Bowl Books I-XI 1970’s & Star Wars Action Figures Bonus Clips" on YouTube Collection THX1138 noticeable at 5 sec, 15, 20, 26 and so on. The vid is primarily talking:


2) "CEDAR POINT 1/6 TOTALLY LIVE COUNTRY SHOW 2016" on amusement420 noticeable at 35 sec every 1-3 sec or so. The vid is live performance at an amusement park this weekend: 


I use SanDisk Ultra 16GB and Wintec FileMate Pro 32GB SHCD Class I memory cards and iMovie on a MacBook Pro Retina. It exhibits the problem upon playback in the cam also. I use SONY MDR-V600 headphones or Apple Earbuds.


• Is it a known documented issue?
• Is this a problem that can be rectified in the cam?
• Or is it in need of service?
• If so what are the rates and shipping info. It would be out of warranty I would think since I bought it used. I can't recall that it clicked right away when I bought it. It seems like it started a few months after.

• I’ve used an R400 and R500 in the past that did not do this.


Please advise. Regards.



Hi, ElectroT2!

Thanks for posting on our forum! This community is designed for your fellow Canon owners to help each other out with any problems they may encounter. If this is a time-sensitive matter, contacting our US-based technical support team is the most efficient way to get these issues straightened out.  While we're sure you'll receive an answer from our email support team soon (if you haven't already received it), you can also call us at 1-800-OK-CANON (1-800-652-2666) weekdays between 10 AM and 10 PM ET (7 AM to 7 PM PT) and we can answer your questions in real time over the phone.

Thanks and have a great day!



It isn't time sensitive.


However I haven't heard from tech support. I emailed them from Canon's web site on May 23rd. The automated info included: "We do our best to respond to all messages within 8 hours and to provide you with a resolution to your inquiry on the first response. However, it may be necessary for an agent to contact you via e-mail to gather more information so that we may provide you with a more accurate resolution."


I posted the issue here to see what response I would get and if that illustrated problem had ever been reported and/or if it was resolved with other users or was a known issue with Canon.


I'll call the phone number you provided if I don't receive an email by the end of the day.


Thank you and regards.

Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi ElectroT2,


Thanks for posting.


It looks like you may have been recording your movies, using a tripod. If this is the case, I recommend turning off your camcorder's Image Stabilizer. You may see the details for this on page 75 of your VIXIA HF R400 Instruction Manual.

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Thanx for the input. I actually had read that somewhere in the past now that you mention it.


But I don’t always use a tripod. In the McD Super Bowl books video I did. The IS would have been on the Dynamic Default.


In the Live show video it was hand-held. Oddly enough I held the LCD screen like I now see it suggests in the User Manual on that page. I normally don’t do that. I was cramped for space so close to the stage trying to get as many performers in the shot as I could so I found it useful for extra steadiness. I panned slowly and didn’t zoom as much I normally do. That’s probably why it looks like I used a tripod.


Those were both in 1080P 17Mbps MP4 if that matters.


I shot something last night in 720P 4Mbps MP4. They were 3-8 sec clips of a board game demo with no talking (I did a voice over with a headset instead) It’s not online yet.


However in that situation I do notice a subtle yet high-pitched sound with my SONY MDR headphones. That’s presumably the auto focus. The low-end SONY cams are horrible with deal-breaker auto focus noise fwiw. This R400 isn’t too bad if that’s the case. It’s not often you shoot that quiet. That's not a bother but I had to make note of it.


As I mentioned I’ve used an R400 and R500 for a while in the past and can now say that it was with Default Dynamic IS On either with a tripod and hand-held. There was never any clicking noise that I recall.


I’m shooting with the R400 this upcoming week. I’ll do tests to see when the clicking occurs. I’ll report my results here next week.


In the meantime:


Why would it make a clicking noise if IS is on when using a tripod?


Would Standard IS make a difference with clicking noise?


Is there something to it not clicking in 720P but clicking in 1080P? (I’d have to try it again in longer intervals to make sure)






Hi ElectroT2,


You're welcome.


The the motion of the image stabilizer (IS) allows the lens to compensate for involuntary movement when you're holding the camcorder.  In extreme cases, when a camera with a stabilized lens is mounted on a tripod, the motion of the image stabilizer can actually cause the tripod/ camera to begin rocking.  In the case of your camcorder, I believe this is what caused the clicking sound you heard.  (My computer is not optimized for sound reproduction, so I was unable to hear the clicking).  


An even better reason to turn off the IS when using a tripod is that you'll have a bit better battery life.  The IS mechanism consumes power and when using a tripod, stabilization shouldn't be required.


The standard IS setting is less agressive than the dynamic IS mode, so it's likelier to cause less noise.


I don't think the resolution, shooting format or frame rate should make a difference in the clicking sound.

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Thanks for the clarification.


I can clariffy some info as well...



My tripod when I do use one is a very solid Vanguard brand very thick heavy cylindrical legs with spikes on the feet fwiw.


I'm actually able to plug the AC adapter in while I do most tripod shooting which is a nice feature of the cam. But that's good to know the IS wears down the battery.



The clicking noise is actually worse in the live show video using the Dynamic IS default that's hand-held with NO tripod. Maybe because I had a very steady hand and holding the LCD to further steady it which might have simulated a tripod(?)


If you wear headphones or earbuds watching the video links the clicking is very noticeable every 3-5 seconds or so and after 35 seconds into the live show video like a popping LP record. It's a constant clicking sound at relatively regular intervals.


The clicking noise happened last Fall shooting a show hand-held in that venue now that I think about it. It may have been the first time I noticed the clicking. I was sitting down at a table both times. But the clicking didn't happen so often. (that vid is currently not online to compare). I didn't stabilize the hand-held shots by holding the LCD and I zoomed in & out more to shoot that one. I 've also shot those types of shows further back while standing. I can't recall if it clicked then.


I'll have to do some tests keeping these things in mind. And maybe shoot part of that show with IS Standard or IS Off. The show is at an amusement park I have a season pass to.


So further questions:


Is that to say the IS inside the cam can actually make noise because it is a "mechanism" just as the auto focus can potenitally make a subtle noise or is it the actual tripod is making noise (I can't imagne that's the case becasue the Vanguard is so solid and the clicking was worse hand-held)?


But regardless of tripod or hand-held steady like a tripod, we're saying the IS is probably the culprit and that's therefore sporadically "normal" for the cam to do that?


And most owners may not notice it partially because not everyone wears headphones and partially becasue it won't always happen. Is that correct?


In otherwords even if I had another R400-700 it would do the same thing?


I guess the whole point is it's not a defective camcorder and I shouldn't expect it to click all the time?


Thanks again!

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