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Resolved! New XA11 Owner 3.5 Mic Question

So I have stepped my game up to a Camcorder for my Video Plogs on YouTube. I just purchased the Canon XA11 which is really a nice camera with tons of options. I do a lot of Motorcycle content and will be covering the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally this yea...

Canon Vixia HF R800 - is there a max storage limit?

Hello,I picked up a 512 GB SD card from Amazon today that doesn't seem to be able to work with my Canon Vixia HF R800.The usual formatting option is grayed out and I variously receive errors about the SD card being write protected or unreadable.I can...

Can't export video in Canon XF405

I am trying to record the output of my XF405 camcorder to an external monitor Blackmagic 12G in ProRes 3840x2160 50p via an HDMI lead. In the camera I select External Rec Only HDMI and in Recording Setup I select 3840x2160 50p, but when I go to Displ...

Resolved! G60 Video Extraction

     I just filled my first two 256gb cards on my g60, and am curious how anyone in the community might back up their files! I am currently almost an hour into transferring the video files onto an external 1tb drive and it's only at 14% complete - I'...

Resolved! Vixia G60 and Mp4 tool non function

   Hi all, I have been filming an art project for about a week with a Vixia g60 for a time-lapse style video. I pause and start a lot to save card space, so each session produces around 10 separate mp4 files.   I have downloaded the Mp4 join tool fro...

Resolved! Monitor Advice for G60

Hello! I am using my G60 with an overhead mount, and am wondering if anyone had any advice on using a monitor. I keep either blocking the frame or moving out of view accidentally   I do have tablets, can they be used for that purpose or do I have to ...

HF R800 Mic Audio Digital Depth

When I use an external microphone with my R800, what is the depth of the digitized audio?  16-bit?  24-bit?What processing is applied to the analog audio?  Any compression?

XA40 focus ring very slow

I have my XA40's focus ring response time set at the fastest yet it takes two and a half full turns of the ring to focus from 1mtr to 4mtrs this seems very slow to me?


so i have Canon Legria FS200 and i want to take some videos but it doesnt allow me to do that, i can take pics without problem, but i cant record videos, Is there any help? Thanks!

benz124 by Apprentice
  • 4 replies

Resolved! Need help selecting a camcorder

Hello! I have been on a hunt for a camcorder and thought asking the community here would be my best option- after returning two cheap off-brand cameras purchased from Amazon. I have an old Rebel camera, and really respect Canon's products. Currently ...

Canon Vixia HF G50 - Rode Wireless Go

I have a Rode Wireless Go and I've been trying to get it to work with my Vixia HF G50. When I plug it in nothing records. I set the mic power to on in the settings and still nothing. Any advice?

rmb715 by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

XF400: Audio from XLR inputs question

Anyone know if this is possible or not? I have a Comica wireless dual lav mic connected into the XLR Input #2. An Audio Technica AT875R shotgun mic is connected into the XLR Input #1. The sound that is recorded from the Comica dual lav mic system is ...

Casey415 by Enthusiast
  • 4 replies

Canon XF400 - rendering settings for C3 profile on Vegas PRO 18.

Hello!I was not able to get good results for rendering XF400 C3 profile video using Vegas PRO 18 for BenQ TK850 projector. The video has visible layering of blue sky and "frost" artifacts around thin objects like trees branches even if sharpen is not...

nserov by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

Vixia - HF R800 - Pinkish video image???!

All of a sudden on my Vixia HF R800 the picture/image of the video has a pinkish tint on everything I try to record?  Any ideas what is causing this, or how to resolve it?Thanks!

Any gimbals that work with the Canon Vixia HF R800?

Hi, I was considering buying a DJI Ronin SC gimbal to go with my Vixia HF R800. However, I see that the Vixia HF 800 isn't listed as one of the compatible cameras on DJI's compatibility list (here).  I'm guessing that the compatible model list refers...

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