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G30 and G40 zoom issue fix?


Hi all:

I am planning to buy a used Vixia G30 that someone is selling, and the issue is that it automatically zooms out right after you zoom in. I read on another post that it was an issue with the zoom rocker switch. 

The IT coordinator at a local school informed me that one of his G40's had that issue, and he fixed it by simply resetting the camera to factory settings. 

The seller wants a rather low price for the unit. Are there multiple easy fixes that I can try to do to get it to work? I just don't want to pay to have Canon replace the rocker switch.




I have a G30 that does the exact same thing. I don't believe resetting it works, but what worked for me was buying a Libec ZC-LP LANC Zoom Control. Not only was the problem solved, but I also realized just how much fine control I was missing by not using one of these in the first place! Worth every penny.