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Canon Vixia HV30 = cable



I bought a Vixia HV30 camera around 2008. In the last 10 years I haven't done anything with it. I'm now creating a youtube channel for my short films. I was able to get the camera working after so many years.

I want to transfer video from the miniDV tape to my new computer. I didn't keep original cable with my camera (unfortunately) so had to look through my piles of cables. I found one cable that fit in the camera, a USB cable. I thought these digital cameras use firewire cables? In any case this USB cable (even though properly connected to my computer AND the Vixia HV30(, caused no reaction by my computer. It's as if my computer doesn't see it. My computer (ACER) is about 2-3 years old.

Do I need an adapter? What cable would work with newer computers and this camera?

I have a similar but different problem with a Panasonic camera (PVDV53 - purchased around 2004). Couldn't get the cable to fit the port on the computer - that one I believe uses a firewire cable to the HDMI port and the HDMI port structure may have changed in the interim. 

So, so far I am unable to transfer from the miniDV to my computer on the Canon Vixia HV30. Please advise on what cable works with recent computers.

Thank you.



The HV30 supports:

mini DV to mini DV

mini DV to Firewire

(Fullsize) HDMI to HDMI

If you don't have many tapes, using a transfer service is probably the best option

If you have a lot of tapes, I recommend a capture device.  Also helpful if any of the content is questionable.  

Easy solution:


If you have a desktop and want to go old school, something like this.  It even has the cable


Last items.  If you decide to do the transfers yourself, you'll need some disk space to store the captured footage.  Also, both of these will require some sort of capture or editing software.  Simple basic capture is 100% free.  If you need something that does creative fades, transitions, text overlays or allows you to add audio tracks, etc. it may cost a little.  


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Thank you very much shadowsports!

In the manual it says this camera comes with a USB cable - 

So I'm wondering if that is how video was previously transferred. In any case USB cable that I found to fit both the camera and the computer USB port, is not recognized by the computer when plugged in. 

The easy solution which you specified above does not involve opening the computer and putting in a new card, correct? It takes a firewire cable on one end and then plugs into one of the USB ports? Then I have to make sure i have the right cables, etc.

If i buy a low-cost video camera would it be able to play the mini DV tapes from approx 10 years ago and transfer to a computer? I would like to know that I can do the transfer on my own as I have done in the past, without using a service.

Thanks again.

Update: I just found the firewire port on my camera lol.... so the adapter makes more sense.

I'm going to check first if i can set up the camera with an older computer.

Thanks again.

Update 2:

It seems that the Firewire cable doesn't fit in the HDMI ports on either of my computers.  

Why or when did they start making these ports differently? If I got an updated cable, would it work?

Thanks again.

Thanks again Rick. I've made note of your suggestions. 

I bought Elgato Video Capture and after trial and error, it's now the method that I use to transfer video from my camera to my computer.


It may be the case where the mini-connector that attaches the camcorder was the same physical connector on the original FireWire cable and newer USB cable.   But although things may physically connect, that doesn't mean it will work.

The simpler solution above involves connecting the camcorder to the capture device via a full-sized HDMI cable.  Then, that device plugs in to your computer's USB port.

The card solution would require you to use FireWire cables.


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Thank you Ricky. I found the firewire port this morning on my Canon Vixia HV30...

I tried to test the camera+firewrie cable on an older computer. The cable doesn't fit in the HDMI port on either of my computers. 

Is there an updated cable that I can purchase? Can you recommend a capture device?

thanks again.

Thanks again. I bought Elgato Video Capture and after trial and error, it's now the method that I use to transfer video from my camera to my computer.


You can't go from FW to HDMI, totally different interfaces.

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