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Seeking Advice on Camera Mount


   Hello! My name is Andrew, and thank you in advance for the patience reading through this.

   I have a Vixia G60 that I purchased last year, primarily for filming time lapse videos of my art work. Nearly all of my work is commission based, and the time lapses are just a fun added bonus for the owner of the artwork. That way they can show it off to their friends (or at the very least appreciate the work that went into the piece and justify a moderate price tag). I use a 4ft double jointed overhead mount for my camera, for an overhead view of the piece on my desk. Videos are here for reference: On YouTube 

  After making 1 video, I've learned that video editing is a lot of fun! After 5 videos, I now see a gaping problem. I work full time, and can usually only dedicate an hour a day on weekdays and weekend mornings to artwork. Most pieces take between 25 and 40 hours, so there is a lot of movement of the piece as I'm learning what an appealing video should look like. At 500x normal speed, there is a bit of an unwatchable quality to some of the videos. 

   I really must be able to rotate the piece I'm working on for fine detail work. A possible solution in my head is:  To mount the camera overhead of a fixed rotating base (like a lazy Susan with an arm sticking out the side with two 90 degree angles for work room), ensuring that the workpiece is centered and not moving in the center of the screen no matter how much I rotate or stop/start the filming process. 


  I am certain that this would work well, and I have the capability to build it as my day job is as a cabinetmaker. But is it necessary? Is there any kind of attachment, possibly two separate with servos, where I can "lock" the position of my camera to a reference point and it rotates along with it? Or even simpler- is there an editing technique or program which can help me. 

  Thank you for reading! I currently use Adobe Premiere Rush, as I am a total rookie...Who's still having a lot of fun