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Battery charger not charging battery

I have an ELURA100 Camcorder I haven't used in several years. I connected it to the battery charger (CA-570) but the Li-ion battery (BP-208-DG) isn't charging - or at least the charging indicator on the camera isn't flashing. Is the battery totally d...

Have a Elura 90 bad heads?

With my Elura 90, there are bars across after recording on new tapes.  Recorded tapes which were ok, now have bars across on playback.

Canon HF M50/52/500 AutoFocus Speed Question/Issue

I bought the Canon HF M500 to replace my 8+ year old Canon Mini-DV camcorder.  I use my camera mostly to do Android Phone App Reviews for my YouTube Channel.  I set my camera at the widest angle and have it far enough away from the phone to show the ...

connecting zr65mc camcorder to vcr using ilink cable

Ihave a Canon ZR65MC  Camcorderand a Sony RDRVX500 VCR and want to dub tapes from the camcorder to DVD using an i-Link cable/IEEE 1394 cable 4 pin  to 4 pin. My question is; is the ZR65MC DV output  a 4 pin jack?Any help will be highly appreciated.  ...

natlom by Apprentice
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Importing Video from HV20 to MAC OS 10.8.3

When attempting to import video and/or download software updates to my computer from the Canon website, I cannot get my computer to detect the camcorder.  It is connected with a USB cable and the camcorder is ON PLAY.  I have tried three different US...

joanz by Apprentice
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What HD camera to buy?

I've got a school play that I'm filming for the music department and I'm interested in upgrading my Main camera, I'm needing help picking a camera that is vastly better than my FlipHD's but still affordable. I'm looking at max price of $500-$600, but...



Bought the LEGRIA HF R48 camcorder but have problems connecting to external hard drive, it just does not see the external drive not sure if i have missed anything? maybe this is why(Portable hard drives that run on USB power cannot be used.)

mrpp by Apprentice
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Simple instructions available?

I have just obtained a VIXIA HFM50. As an old man with limited expertise, I find it virtually impossible to follow the manual in setting things up. Any suggestions -- hints -- instructions to help me make use of my new toy?  Thanks!!Ted

how to get the cassette to eject

I was trying to get my DV part of my camcord to pick up on my computer.  Which I am having a hard time with.   So I took out the firewire card and restarted the computer and then turn it off again.  Put the firewire card back in.  I was hooking up th...

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